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Moving Tips

The following must be prepared by the customer prior to the day of removal.

  1. Ready-to-assemble furniture (RTA), also known as flat pack or IKEA style furniture is a form of furniture that requires customer assembly. This type of furniture must be dismantled by the customer prior to moving.
  2. Tables that have removable legs should have the legs removed prior to transport.
  3. Televisions need to be packed into a suitable box for transport. You can either use the original TV box or you can purchase aftermarket boxes from most local storage facilities.
  4. Prepare washing machine for transport according to the manufacturers recommendations. Front-load washers require Shipping Bolts.
  5. Defrost and clean out your fridge and freezer. Leave the door open for at least 12 hours to allow moisture to evaporate.
  6. Dismantle bed frames and bundle bed slats together with tape.
  7. If you have a waterbed, make arrangements to have the bed prepared as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  8. Empty all wardrobes & draws and pack contents into cardboard moving boxes.
  9. Pack loose items into strong moving cartons. The rule is "if it fits in a box then it should be packed in a box". Weak or poorly packed boxes will crush and break during transit.
  10. Avoid using plastic storage containers for transport. They are not suitable for transport.
  11. Pack lamp shades into a suitable sized box.
  12. Prepare BBQ for transport by ensuring it is clean. Remember we do NOT transport gas bottles.
  13. Ensure lawn mowers and wiper snippers are clean and empty of fuel.
  14. Prepare pushbikes for transport by turning handlebars 90 degrees and removing pedals.
  15. Dismantle any swing sets / trampoline.
  16. Pack any large pictures into cardboard boxes or wrap them in bubble wrap.
  17. Things that we will not transport.

  18. No gas bottles regardless of the contents (either empty or full)
  19. No containers of flammable liquids (however we will take an empty container)
  20. No paints or corrosive liquids.

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