• Looking for a removal team to do everything?

  • Want to save money on your next move?


Want to save money on your next move?

Open to alternative dates for your furniture removal?

If you don't have a set deadline and are happy for us to pick up and transport your move on dates that work with our schedule, you can save money on your next move. 

Discounted removals for flexible dates & flexible requirements

As we have our trucks scheduled in for furniture removals weeks in advance, we can sometimes offer you discounted moves, so if you're flexible with your move date it pays to check what move dates we have planned that might work for you.

We are also able to offer discounted moves by sharing your move on a truck with another move. So whether you only have a few things to move or a complete house full of furniture, you can often have your moving costs reduced significantly using this service.

How to book your budget move

Get in touch if you are looking to take advantage of our discounted removal services. Provide us with the approximate date that you need things moved and a list of items you are moving, but if you have more than a few items please go to our online quick quote form to ensure you get an accurate costing.

Cheap Furniture Removals

Need your piano or billiard table moved or stored?

Our team understand the care needed and are experienced in moving your special items.

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