Storage options for whatever you need.

As well as our full range of removal services, we offer storage solutions to suit every need.

Whether you need to store just your large, valuable items, or the entire contents of your home, for a couple of days or weeks, months, or years, Austate Removals can assist in organising the right storage solution that's perfect for you, as part of your move with us, or as a separate service on its own.

Here's an outline of our short to long term storage options.

Short-Term Storage (1 day to 1 month).

Perfect for:

  • I’m renovating a section of the house and need to store large items and furniture from the rooms I’m renovating.
  • I’m waiting for a property settlement for my new house I’ve just purchased, but I have to already move out of my current house.
  • I’m moving interstate for work and can’t get into my new rental for a few days.

Medium-Term Storage (1 to 3 months).

Perfect for:

  • I’m building a new house but the build won’t be finished before I have to vacate my current premises.
  • I’m moving out of my current rental but I haven’t decided on where I’m moving to at this stage.
  • I’m storing belongings from a deceased estate of a relative while the property is on the market to be sold.
  • I’m putting my house up for sale and need storage for excess furniture and belongings to declutter the home so it looks great for prospects.

Long-Term Storage (3 months or more).

Perfect for:

  • I’m moving overseas to work for a couple of years and need to store my furniture and belongings while I’m gone.
  • I’m decluttering the house now that the kids have grown up and moved out.
  • I’m now caring for my elderly parent at my house and I need to store their furniture for now.