Commercial-grade moving boxes & packing materials, delivered Australia wide.

As a stand-alone service, we supply and sell a full range of high quality, commercial-grade removalist packing materials and moving boxes that have been specifically designed for commercial transportation, and can organise courier delivery direct to you, Australia wide.

We highly recommend purchasing removal grade boxes and packaging materials as these products are far superior to what you can purchase from your local shop or hardware store.

For ourselves, we only stock and sell the same commercial-grade moving boxes and packing materials that we use for our own removal jobs, so you can be certain that the boxes we sell are of the strongest quality and design.

Boxes sold by local stores aren’t designed for strength or commercial transportation and often end up damaged by the end of the move or collapsing when stacked on top of one another.

Use our boxes, and we'll 100% guarantee the integrity of our boxes if you move with us.  

Generally, you will pay a little more for the boxes and packing materials we sell, but we believe its a worthwhile investment for peace of mind, knowing your goods aren't going to be damaged in transit. 

Don't need as many boxes as you purchased?

No problem, return your unused boxes to us when we arrive to start your move and our team would be happy to credit the unused boxes back to you.

We're always here to help.

We're happy to give advice about what boxes would be best for what you're needing to move. We've got different boxes for different items and purposes, so check with us first before purchasing.

If for some reason we can't deliver our boxes to you in time for your move, we'll let you know the best place to go locally to purchase quality boxes, so you don't end up with inferior packing materials that aren't going to do the job.