Experienced removalists? Yes, but so much more. 

Austate Removals has been an Australian owned family business since 1990 when we began as a single vehicle operation. Today, we supply a full range of removal, packing and storage services Australia wide and internationally.

Lots of removal companies have experience and have been around longer than us. We don't think this necessarily makes you a good removalist.

More than just experienced, at Austate, we are constantly working to improve the way we do things to be the best team and provide the best outcomes for our customers.

You don't live your life the way you did 10 years ago, and we treat our business the same way. We strive to continually improve and evolve. We don't accept that that's the way the removal industry has been for the past 20 years so that's the way it's got to stay. 

We don't answer questions, we provide solutions.

Call any removalist company with a question, and you'll get an answer. We go one further. 

We don't know the ins-&-outs of your profession, and we don't expect you to know ours.

That's why when you call us, we aim to provide the solution you actually need, not just answer your question and wait for you to ask the next one. We use our experience and knowledge to go one further than solving the problem you think you have, we'll get an understanding of your situation so we can offer advice about the best way to solve your problem and what will give you the best result.

We're known for great customer communication

Good communication with our customers is really important to us, it's one of the things we get a lot of positive feedback about.

Clear communication and being available for our customers is really important to us. We keep our customers updated at all times before, during and after our service. Other removalists keep office hours, but that's no help at all when you're trying to get in touch over the weekend to confirm something for Monday morning. 

Because we want to make the move stress-free and easy for our customers, we keep our customers updated and make sure they can contact us at all times.

What we promise, we make sure we can deliver. Guaranteed.

Unfortunately, in our industry it's common for removalists to overpromise and underdeliver. We make sure we can deliver on what we promise, and if, for some reason, we're not the best fit for your particular job, we'll let you know upfront. 

Our core values.

  • We make sure we can deliver what we promise. 
  • Professional, honest & ethical.
  • Attention to detail in all that we do.
  • Great customer communication at all times - during and after hours.
  • Don't just answer questions, provide solutions.
  • Always improve.