3 different ways to store your furniture or house items with Austate.

We understand that moving is not quite as simple as moving from A to B. There’s times when there needs to be storage in between, and that’s where we differ from your average removalist. Here's an overview of our three storage options.


Also known as "mini storage”, self-storage is small, individually locked storage units that you’ll have a key to access at any time. Self-storage is perfect if you need your belongings to be accessible while they’re in store to take a few things with you or add a few items to what you're storing.

What you need to know:

  • Perfect if you need to access your belongings at any time during storage.
  • Cost comparison? It’s usually a more expensive storage option.
  • Suitable for? Short to medium term storage.

Warehouse storage.

Austate will unload your move with us directly into a lockable module dedicated to your storage. The module will then be stacked on top of other modules inside a secure warehouse.

What you need to know:

  • Your furniture is not accessible while it is in storage.
  • Cost comparison? It’s a cost-effective storage option because it’s such an efficient use of space.
  • Suitable for? Mid to long-term storage.

Container storage.

Furniture can be loaded for transport directly into a shipping container. The shipping container can then be lifted from the truck and the entire container can be stored without the need to unload.

Containers are usually stored outside, which isn’t an issue because they are purpose built for outdoor storage. You can store a container indoors but it’s very costly to do so.

What you need to know:

  • Container storage reduces the chance of damage to your belongings during transportation as it minimises the number of times your furniture is handled.
  • Austate offers insurance for contents stored in containers but not all insurer’s will do so, so if you’re not going to be insuring with us, we recommend you check with your insurer prior to storage.
  • Cost comparison? It’s a cost-effective storage option as it eliminates the labour cost involved in unloading the furniture from the truck into a storage unit or module, and reloading the furniture from a storage unit back into a truck for redelivery.
  • Suitable for? Short to medium term storage, up to 3 months.

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There are different ways to approach storage but it's definitely something worth considering. To help you, we have put together a range of articles below, where we share out tips and when how to use the different storage options. 

Questions you may have about storage.

Will my lounge be damaged while stored in amongst other items?
No, Austate store lounges and similar impressionable furniture differently to other companies to ensure cushions, foam and material is not compacted and damaged. We also cover furniture ensure they're kept dirt and dust free.

Can I store valuables such as electronics, artwork and musical instruments?
Yes you can. Humidity can cause a lot of damage to these sorts of items, so they have to be stored carefully, though. Austate can store artwork, electronics, pianos and other musical instruments or any valuable item in a humidity and temperature controlled container which we monitor. If there are any drastic changes to the conditions inside your container, dehumidifiers are installed.

Will my items go mouldy in a storage container?
No they won’t if the container is dry inside to start with, and sealed correctly once your belongings have been stored.