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Our experienced team are here to help with all of your moving needs. Austate Removals provides clients with excellent customer service and premium removals for Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Australia wide. We also specialise in long distance and interstate moves.

Go with the best for your move.

Amongst all the local furniture removalists, Brisbane residents will find the services of Austate Removals are unsurpassed when it comes to service, professionalism and expertise. Our team of interstate removalists are highly experienced and trained in handling moves of all sizes, and we specialise in furniture removals both to and from Brisbane, Queensland wide and interstate. Wherever you need to move to, we are confident we have the experience and expertise to get your belongings there safely.

You can count on us for even the most complicated removals, knowing that we will complete the job to the highest standard and with the greatest care. 

Common Travel Routes (Ask us about backloading)

  • Brisbane to Sydney
  • Gold Coast to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Sunshine Coast
  • Sunshine Coast to Brisbane
  • Brisbane to Melbourne
  • Brisbane to Canberra

While the above are our common travel routes, we can move you to and from to any destination. 

We can save you money.

Other removalists will often charge you for the entire truck, even though your move may only require some of the load capacity. Austate offers high quality removal services with backloading, which means that we only charge you for the space that your boxes and items take up on the truck, rather than the whole truck. You need everything transported safely and we do this at a reasonable price, based only on what you need to move. We also specialise in moving pianos and oversized or valuable furniture items. 

Superior moving service.

We are happy to offer advice and talk to you about what options would best suit your particular needs for your move into or out of Brisbane. We aim to make our customers happy and their move as easy as possible, which is why we offer a full range of removalist related services, which means you can get all of your boxes and packing material, removal services, packing services, moving insurance and storage solutions with the one provider.


Ready for the uncertain during your interstate move

We offer moving insurance and various solutions for storage in the event that your furniture cannot be moved into a permanent location immediately.

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