Hows moving insurance work?

Many customers assume damage resulting from a professional move will be covered by their own home and contents insurance or the removalist’s insurance, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Before you make your interstate move make sure you know the following answers and if you don't, ask your moving consultant. 

  • Does my insurance cover moving trucks?
  • Should you get moving insurance for moving household goods?
  • What insurance does a moving company need? 

To help give our clients peace of mind we provide the following safe travel guarantee. 

Our safe travel guarantee goes above and beyond the level of service that most removalist’s will provide when it comes to damage caused during transit, but to be completely transparent with our customers, we do let them know that there are instances where damage, due to no fault of our own, is not covered by our guarantee, and we do therefore recommend our customer’s take out a Goods in Transit insurance policy.

Some examples of damage due to causes outside of our control, and therefore not covered by our guarantee are:

  • Damage due to water on a rainy day.
  • Damage as a result of natural disasters. (eg. flood or fire)
  • Damage resulting from an accident during transportation that is due to no fault of our own. (eg. another vehicle crashing into our truck)

Austate Safe Travel GuaranteeSafe travel guarantee.

We are confident in the quality of our services, which is why we guarantee we'll fix any damage as a result of any fault of our own during your move with us.

Check your home and contents insurance policy first.

Some home and contents insurance policies cover possessions during transit, but some do not. Some insurers offer Goods in Transit insurance as an optional extra on your home and contents policy.

We recommend checking with your current insurance provider first. If your insurer does not have a suitable cover for you, then talk to a qualified removalist company who are authorised to arrange the insurance for you. 

Need insurance through your removalist?

Be aware that many removalists are not legally authorised to offer removal insurance. Austate Removals are qualified and legally authorised to offer you the best removal insurance for moving household goods through our subsidiary company "Bundaberg Removals and Storage”.

A removalist qualified to offer insurance will be able to provide a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and insurance documents in the customer's name.

If you need further information about our Goods in Transit insurance, please get in touch or if you need more tips, check out our house moving tips resource page.