What you need to know when choosing a removalist for your specialised move.

Austate specialises in moving heavy and awkward items including pianos, outdoor spas, large antiques, and grandfather clocks. A lot of removalists will simply refuse to move items such as these due to the complexities involved, specialised equipment needed, and the skills and experience required.

The Austate team have extensive experience and are professionally trained in this area of our industry.

We are very confident our team here at Austate are among the very best for moving specialised items, but here’s some things to consider when you’re choosing a removalist for items such as these.


Pianos are not only heavy, they’re delicate at the same time. There is a very high risk of things going wrong with moving a piano if you are inexperienced, so it’s important that you get a removalist that has both training and extensive experience in moving pianos. 
Damage can all to easily be done to the piano if you are inexperienced.
  • Grand pianos are even more complicated than upright pianos. Your removalist needs to know how to correctly prepare and pack a grand piano for moving, as it differs from packing that’s required for an upright piano. 
  • Make sure the removalist has the right gear needed to move your Piano, eg. the right trolleys, lifting straps etc.

  • Also make sure the removalists will be using the right materials to protect both the piano, but also the floors and walls that they’ll have to navigate otherwise it’s highly likely that damage will result from the move.
  • In some instances where stairs are involved, the safest method to move your piano will be using a crane. If your removalist can’t offer this equipment then we highly recommend you get a removalist who does. 

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Pool tables

Pool tables are built around a slate base which is heavy and fragile. If the slate is broken, the pool table is no longer valuable and is very expensive to repair. 
  • Your removalist needs to have the right equipment, the right vehicles and the right team with both experience and training to ensure that your pool table is moved correctly to minimise any risk of damage.
  • The removalist also needs to protect the surrounding walls and floors that the pool table is being moved out of, and at the new location.

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Spas are awkward to move, cumbersome, heavy and easily damaged.
 Removalists need to have the right equipment to move your spa, and the right trained and experienced staff to handle the move. 
  • Most removalists will substitute using the right equipment with extra staff lifting the spa. This is both dangerous and risky and is highly likely going to result in damage to your spa. It also results in a more costly move for the customer. 
  • Our Austate team have the tools, training and experience to move your spa with less staff and less force, which drastically decreases the risk of damage to your spa, and the cost of the move as well.

Variables that impact the price of your heavy move:

  • Weight and size of piano, spa or pool table
  • Accessibility and especially stairs, lifts, docks or other obstacles to be overcome
  • Closeness to the mover’s truck at both locations. Is the closest parking in the driveway or out on the street?
  • Distance of travel to the new location. Is it across town or are you moving interstate?
  • Time of year (Peak times like holidays are usually at a higher rate)
  • Insurance cover provided (Is it covered under your home and contents or do you need to get insurance?) Read more about moving insurance

Our moving team will give you peace of mind, as you can rest knowing that your large, expensive item is in good hands and will arrive in perfect condition to your destination. So if you are after heavy furniture movers or a piano mover in Brisbane, no matter the size or type, contact us for a free quote and let Austate Removals do the heavy lifting for you.