Local moves made easy.

Need to move in the same day within your city? Are you moving within 200km? A local move by Austate Removals is the service you’re after.

From same day move and delivery to a move under 200km that needs to be spread over a couple of days involving pick up, temporary storage and then redelivery, we have the team and resources to assist.

Key Moving Service Areas: 

What’s so special about our local move service?

Damage-free guarantee.

We are confident in the quality service we provide. Our staff are trained and experienced in all areas of packing and transportation. That’s why we guarantee we'll fix any damage as a result of any fault of our own during your move with us.

Fair charging policy.

Most residential removalists charge you depot to depot. We don’t. Instead, we charge an hourly rate plus a one-off call out fee. The hourly rate starts once we arrive at your address to pick up your furniture and ends once we have placed the last piece of furniture into your house. Our one-off callout fee covers our time to travel to and from your addresses. This way there are no unexpected surprises with the invoice at the end of your move.

Questions you may have about moving locally.

Do I need to remove clothes from my draws?

Generally furniture shouldn’t be moved with items inside as they are not designed to bare the weight of full draws while being lifted. To be safe, let us know what you’re moving and we can advise on how best to prepare for your move.

Do I need to remove the food from my fridge?

Definitely. Fridges can be sitting unplugged for long periods of time while we’re working, and besides that, moving items inside a fridge is definitely a recipe for disaster.

How will you look after my TV?

The original packaging your TV came in is the way-to-go, but if you no longer have this, then let us know prior as we do supply and sell packaging materials that are just as good.

Do I need to take my bed apart?

Yes, beds aren’t designed to be transported while assembled, and in addition to this, leaving them assembled makes it difficult, or in some cases even impossible to physically get it out of the house.

Can you move my Piano?

Sure can! Check out our specialised moving services.

Do I need to take the fish out of my fish tank?

Definitely, fish don’t like it in the back of our trucks, at all.

Can you move my furniture interstate?

Not a problem. Check out the key travel corridors we specialise in as interstate removalists.