Packing for a move is just as important as the actual move itself. As we like to say, if you pack right, you move right. The best way to ensure your move goes smoothly is to get the packing done by trained professionals and their household packing service.

We offer a complete range of household packing and associated services:

  • Complete packing prior to your move, and unpacking afterwards.
  • Specialist packing for delicate, valuable and oversized items.
  • Sale of packing materials for customers to use themselves.

Stressed about finding the time to pack for your move? 

No worries, you don’t have to lift a finger, our staff are professionally trained to pack anything and everything. From chinaware to crystal chandeliers, we offer a complete packing service prior to your move, and unpacking on arrival.

Don't know how to pack so nothing is damaged in transit?

We find customers are often underprepared or have packed poorly for their move when they’ve packed themselves, which greatly increases the chance of damage during transit. Having the Austate team pack for you using only the best quality packing materials and knowing how to pack correctly, will greatly reduce this risk.

Packing for high value items only, or the whole house.

It doesn’t matter if you need custom packaging to pack and move a single, high-value item, or a whole house packed into several trucks, we cater for any packing job, big or small.

Trained staff.

Our staff are professionally trained to the highest standards in both the theoretical and practical side of packing, including wrapping, boxing and crating, handling techniques and safety.

We ensure that the level of training we give staff is the very best, which translates to the very best care and service for our customers.

Our team are also trained to take great care when at your home, using protective materials at all times to cover timber floors, doorways, and staircases. 

Packing as a stand-alone service.

We're also happy to help with packing as a stand-alone service on its own, without transportation. For everything from packing of items from a deceased estate to custom packing for high-value items that are going into storage. Let us know what you're after, we'd be happy to assist. For more information about our household packing service, simply get in touch with us.