What you need to know before moving to Melbourne from Brisbane

Moving interstate

You’re considering the decision to move down to Melbourne and join the latte set or possibly that decision has been made for you for work reasons. So is Melbourne a better fit for you than Brisbane? Here’s some information we’ve put together to help you come to a decision, and then start planning your move.


How much does it cost to move interstate?

Moving interstate

It's not something you do frequently so most people aren't aware how much to budget for their interstate move or what hidden costs they may be up for.

To help you, we've outlined approximate interstate moving costs for common city to city moves.


How to move my furniture to another state

Piano & Heavy Moves  |  Moving interstate

So you've just made the decision to move interstate, it's a big move with lots of new experiences and adventures to come!

On a practical note, we'd suggest that now's the time to get some move planning started. We know it's probably not high on everyone's top 10 things they enjoy doing, but take it from us, planning your move now, rather than a panicked last-ditch effort to get it done the week before you're due to move - is going to ensure everyone's sanity remains intact.