How to move house safely during the COVID-19 crises

Moving Tips

While the COVID-19 virus has been getting worse, the Australian Government has stated we are flattening the curve, so the future is looking promising but we still all must do what we can to help stop the spread. With this in mind, you can still move interstate and locally but we are monitoring the situation daily and adhering to the Government's recommendations at all times.

Young man planning with a phone and diary

The best resources for planning an interstate move

Moving interstate

It’s a big and often stressful time of your life; the big move! Here is some of the most helpful and popular resources that we have found over the years, that will help make your move less stressful and make it happen with a minimum of fuss.

Large heavy lounge in living room

How to move heavy furniture

Moving Tips

So you’ve got a big move in mind or on the go and you are after some good ideas about the “how to” of moving DIY-style. A little time spent in preparation is going to pay off in spades later on, so here is where we can help with some suggestions as a professional furniture removalist company.