Moving interstate tips: the do’s & don'ts of interstate home hunting.

Moving interstate

Ahh, the challenges of moving interstate; the change in state sporting allegiances, the change in weather, the change in school systems and workplaces... It may all seem overwhelming, but as we move interstate on a daily basis (literally) and we operate Australia-wide, we've got some insights that will make the whole process easier. 


Did you really get free moving home insurance cover?

Moving Tips  |  Moving interstate

Most people are surprised to find out their contents aren't necessarily insured for damage during transit by the removalist, or covered in their home and contents insurance.


Should you pay for furniture removalist services upfront?

Moving Tips

So you're moving, you've got a date in mind for the move and you're looking around for a suitable furniture removalist.

If you get a couple of quotes (and we recommend you do), you'll notice some differences in how removalist's quote, what they charge, how they charge and what they include.