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Moving from Melbourne to Sydney - Tips to get prepared

Moving interstate

Whether you got a new job offer and need to relocate or you’re simply looking for a change of scenery, there are a few things you should know before moving from Melbourne to Sydney. We put together a list of key considerations you need to factor in before making the decision and also included a few tips to help you get organised for the move.

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Moving a car interstate

Moving Tips  |  Moving interstate

You’ve got it all organised for your possessions, furniture, selves and the kids etc. and the excitement is building about your upcoming move, but suddenly it dawns on you “what about our car/second car?” How are we going to get it to our new address? Panic time, or is it?


What you need to know before moving to Melbourne from Brisbane

Moving interstate

You’re considering the decision to move down to Melbourne and join the latte set or possibly that decision has been made for you for work reasons. So is Melbourne a better fit for you than Brisbane? Here’s some information we’ve put together to help you come to a decision, and then start planning your move.