How to pack for a damage-free move.

The best way to ensure a damage-free move is to get packing done as a service as part of your move. Our packing service doesn't necessarily have to be for your entire house though, we're happy to complete a custom packaging service just for your valuable items or large items.  

If you're going to be doing the packing for your move yourself though, we want your move with us to go as smoothly and stress-free as possible, which is why we've put together some key packing suggestions to make sure you use the right stuff, and stuff them right. For more tips from planning your move to settling in, go to our moving tips detailed guide. 

1. Purchase the right boxes

If you're going to be packing yourself, we strongly advise you use boxes that are designed for transportation. You can purchase commercial-grade moving boxes from us or any quality removalist. We don't recommend getting boxes from your hardware or local store, as these are not designed to be strong enough for commercial transportation.

We also don't recommend using plastic storage containers or tubs that you use for storage around the home, as these containers also, are not designed for long distance moves and are likely to crack or break in transit, which increases the risk of damage to your items.

2. Label everything clearly

It's always a good idea to have all of your boxes labelled with the room where the box is to go. By doing this it means that when you goods are being delivered, the boxes end up in the right room, saving you time when you’re unpacking.

3. Dismantle furniture

It's a good idea to dismantle furniture wherever possible, especially so if furniture items you are moving originally came in a flat pack (eg. Ikea furniture or similar), these items need to be dismantled as they are not designed to be transported, assembled.

4. Wrapping breakables

Most people think that bubble wrap would be the best option for wrapping breakable or fragile items, but we find it's easier, faster and you get a better result by using crushed, food-grade butchers paper. 

Still need some more help with your move? Check out our detailed house moving tips page.