Backloading is a term used to describe an inexpensive moving option where your move is loaded on to a truck that is returning empty back to the town it originally came from.

By moving as part of a backload, you will only pay for the space that your furniture takes up on the truck going in one direction. 

Points to note about backloading.

  • Backloading will give greater cost savings on long distance moves, but can still be used on shorter moves as well. 
  • One customer will potentially share moving truck space with another customer on the same vehicle. The Austate Removals team will label and prepare a detailed inventory of your items and boxes to ensure that they do not get mixed up with anybody else’s items on the same vehicle. Unfortunately, not all removal companies take the time to label boxes and write a detailed inventory of the customer's items which can lead to items being delivered to the wrong location.
  • Backloading does not mean that your furniture will receive any less care & attention than with a normal furniture removal service. It is the same team, with the same experience, in the same truck that you would have used if you paid for a normal moving service. Having said that, there are many cheap and nasty removal services around that offer low-quality service and give backloading a poor name.
  • If you’re flexible about your moving day and time, then this option may be for you. The savings from a backload are as a result of taking advantage of a truck that is in the right place and the right time. The emphasis is on the timing. If you have the flexibility to move when the truck is passing through your area, then backloading is a great option at a great price. 

Questions you may have about backloading.

Will there be someone else’s boxes on the truck?

Yes, which is why Austate puts in a lot of effort to ensure that things are well labelled, separated and making sure that a full inventory of your items is written up.

Do I need to label my boxes?

It’s always recommended to label your boxes and items yourself, but Austate will still label it as well.

Will I need to help move my things onto the truck?

Some removalists offering backloading will show up with one person and will expect the customer to help. Austate will always provide the correct number of qualified staff to ensure that the job can be done without the customer’s help.

How much does it cost to move interstate? 

Now that you know all the essential information on backloading, you might like to read a popular blog of our's on How much does it cost to move interstate, which will give you some average fees for your next move. Alternatively, get a detailed moving quote today.