Specialist packing services.

It makes sense to get an experienced team of professionals in to pack items that require special care during transportation.

There's no, one solution fits all for high-value or fragile items, each item requires different protection during transportation which is why we take time and care to ensure we come up with the best custom packaging solutions for our customers.

From custom packaging for a valuable art piece that needs to be packed for safe transportation, to an awkward item like an oversized grandfather clock that you can't manage to crate on your own, our professional team have been trained to the highest standards in the packing of custom, high-value items. 

We’re happy to complete custom packaging as part of an entire packing service for your house move, or as a service for one valuable item on it’s own.

Custom packaging is perfect for:

  • High value items - Such as valuable paintings, or chandeliers which require suspension inside a crate.
  • Oversized items - Like Grandfather clocks, oversized artworks, or large TV’s which no longer have their original packaging.
  • Fragile items - From delicate chinaware, vases or lampshades to fragile computers or monitor screens.
  • Odd shaped items - That require custom-shaped protective crating or packaging solutions.
  • Motorbikes - Need to move your special motorbike interstate or overseas. We can take care of crating and transporting your motorbike as well.
  • Small items - Such as model car, plane or train collections with many, small fragile pieces.

Transportation of custom package Australia wide or internationally.

We consider ourselves specialists in the transportation of custom packaged items and can organise the transportation of your custom packaged item Australia wide or internationally. 

Custom packaging without transportation? No problem.

We're happy to complete custom packaging as a service on its own if transportation isn't required. This can be the case for high-value items which may require protective packaging for short-term or long-term storage. 

Let us know what you require to be custom packaged, we'd be happy to come up with the best solution for your needs.