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What you have to look forward to, living in Canberra.

So, you have found yourself in the envious position of either choosing to or having to move to Canberra from Brisbane. Good job!

Brisbane is great but Canberra has some terrific things going for it too! Nicely positioned halfway between Sydney and Melbourne on a major transport corridor, our federal capital, Canberra boasts a population of 452,000 as of 2019. It has an eclectic mix of architecture, lifestyle, entertainment and sightseeing features all set amongst some of the most amazing mountain scenery that you can find in this great land of ours.

The other plus is the most stimulating variety of weather phenomenon ranging from beautifully adorned autumnal days to snowfall and the refreshing chill of winter to the majesty of spring with all the colours of floral displays to the warm balminess of summer, and all of this within a 2-hour drive of the NSW mid-south coast beaches. Who could ask for more?

Here’s a suggested plan of attack to get your interstate move happening seamlessly.

  • First cab off the rank is check out and arrange your accommodation options whether renting or buying so that you can then
  • Give Austate Removals,Interstate Removalists your timeline so that we can help you organise the big move with your needs being paramount
  • Check out our planning your move blogs to help you prioritise your needs for the move in the most timely and efficient manner
  • Check out our ultimate moving checklist as a help to get your move on the move
  • Minimise your stress levels by keeping your focus on the excitement of re-establishing in a whole new vibrant community with so much to discover
  • Maintain communication with your family and other involved parties who can help with planning ideas 
  • Think about decluttering through garage sales, Gumtree or similar. You might be surprised about how much you’ve accumulated over time.
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How Austate Removals can help

With our moving team, that we believe is one of the best (we are little biased but we very focused on training and customer service is at the forefront of all our interactions), along with our moving experience spanning 30 years in the moving business, you are well placed to have this major part of your life well organised and literally on the road. Austate Removals are industry leaders and being a family-owned business gives us a unique understanding and knowledge of your needs and those of your family. That’s why we can place your needs first and take the sort of care with your precious possessions that you would take yourself. We look forward to giving you an interstate moving quote and making your move easy.

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