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Q. Does the removal price include free insurance?

No. There is no such thing as free insurance. When comparing quotes, ensure your removalist is properly qualified to offer you insurance. Since the passing of the Financial Services Reform Act(FSRA), it is illegal for any non-qualified person to give you advice or sell you a financial product. A qualified removalist will be able to offer you a Product Disclosure Statement(PDS) and a Financial Services Guide(FSG) and answer any questions you have concerning the insurance of your goods whilst in transit. If your removalist is unable to do this, they may not be qualified to sell you insurance.

Q. Is your truck an enclosed truck?

Yes. All of our trucks are purpose built trucks with fully sealed pantechnicons or containers. We specialise in safely moving furniture.

Q. Will the removalist put the furniture in the correct rooms ?

Yes. Our staff are happy to place the boxes and furniture into the correct rooms for you n delivery if you like. Sometimes we may need your help to identify which boxes go into each room.

Q. Can the customer assist the removalist to keep the price down?

Yes. It is your furniture – of course you can help to move it if you like.

Q. What if I have more furniture to move that what I originally thought?

Sometime people underestimate (or forget) to tell us about a few items of furniture. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you out if this occurs, however if the change is significant it will affect the final price.

Q. Do you move pianos & pool tables?

Yes & Yes again. Some removal company shy away from the complicated stuff like pianos and pool tables. But not us. We love a challenge. The bigger the better. We move upright pianos, pianolas, grand pianos, organs & all shape and size pool tables.

Q. I have polished floor boards in my house. How do you protect them from damage?

When placing furniture into a house with polished floor boards, we use a system of placing temporary floor protector down first to prevent accidentally marking the floor.


Need your piano or billiard table moved or stored?

Our team understand the care needed and are experienced in moving your special items.

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