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Looking for a removal service to do everything for you?

If you are either too busy or just hate the hassle of moving home, then our complete removal service is a great option that can be tailored to your exact needs. No matter if you simply want to move to a new location and have us do everything or if you would like just a little bit more help, our team of moving professionals are ready to help make your next move easy and hassle free.  

Contact one of our team by calling 1800 681 434 or contact us and we can tailor your next move according to your exact requirements. 

Key features of our premium furniture moving services:

Guaranteed delivery dates

We all have deadlines to meet, so no matter yours, our premium removal service comes with guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.

Items professional packed

No matter if you need a few items carefully packed or if you need an entire house packed carefully and professionally, our team are highly experienced and efficient at packing items and furniture for your move.  

Complete house set up 

No one likes arriving to their new home with all of their furniture and items still to unpack. With our complete house set up service, you can have us make your new home ready, so all you have to do is rock up and enjoy your new residence - no unpacking guaranteed. 

  • We wipe clean all of your storage areas prior to unpacking your items. 
  • Your boxes will be carefully unpacked and placed into the appropriate rooms.
  • Complete bedroom set up, including your beds made up ready for a good nights sleep. 
  • Leftover packaging and boxes removed and your house left clean. 

Short term and long term storage

We all have different plans and situations, so no matter if you need to store your valuable house items short or long term we have a variety of storage solutions perfect for your requirements. 

Once you are ready to move again our team are able to arrange for the redelivery of your items Australia wide. 

Transit insurance for items to be moved

While all our moves are handled with extreme care, accidents can happen (if any furniture company says they don't, we highly recommend you reconsider using them), so insuring your items is always a recommendation of ours. 

No matter if you need your furniture items moved or stored for an extended period, we are able to provide you with a competitive insurance cover for all of our services. 

Pet care and transport 

With our expertise in moving interstate and locally, we will ensure your pet gets the best care during transportation, and is delivered safely to your new home. 

Local and nationwide vehicle transport

No matter what your pride and joy is, our team of professionals know how to move your car, motorbike or boat Australia wide. 

Contact Austate Removals

Contact one of our team by calling 1800 681 434 or contact us and we will tailor your next vehicle or house move to your exact needs. 

Cheap Residential Removal

Need your piano or billiard table moved or stored?

Our team understand the care needed and are experienced in moving your special items.

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