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Moving house at Christmas: 10 tips to enjoy the holidays while in transition

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Moving house is an all-encompassing experience at any time, but moving during the holidays can present additional difficulties and challenges. For instance, it can be challenging to keep up with the festive spirit while packing up your belongings and preparing for the move. But it doesn't have to be that way!

We have compiled a list of tips to help you enjoy the holidays while in transition and make your moving process less stressful. Some of these helpful tips include:

  1.  Plan well ahead and book your removalist 
  2. Create a checklist and action plan
  3. Use the lead-up to the move to declutter and pre-pack unnecessary items
  4. Decide how and where you will celebrate Christmas Day
  5. Contact utilities, mail redirection and others
  6. How to manage Christmas shopping while moving 
  7. Isolate essentials and important documents
  8. Engage helpers where possible
  9. Create a strategy for children, school holidays and pets
  10. Create a holiday moving tradition

1. Plan well ahead and book your removalist 

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Moving during the holidays can be hectic, but planning ahead can reduce your stress levels. Begin by setting a definite timeline and to-do list for the entire process. This can include booking your furniture transport interstate moving company early in the piece. Allocate specific time slots for each of your tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. Create a checklist and action plan

Create a checklist that sets out an ideal but achievable moving timeline and helps you tick off those jobs that need your attention prior to your move (and Christmas). The checklist can be a progressive one that covers the pre and post-move timelines. 

Renting a storage unit can be a great option when moving during the holidays. You can store some of your belongings away from the chaos of the transition and create more space in your home. This can also help you declutter and prioritise essential items over ones that can wait until after the holidays.

3. Use the lead-up to the move to declutter and pre-pack all unnecessary items

Start packing those items that you know you won’t need early so that the burden is lessened for you around the holidays. Have a garage sale or use online selling apps like Marketplace or Gumtree to declutter those items you won’t need. This is a good way to gain some cash to help pay for your move or even Christmas presents. 

Alternatively, you can donate or discard items you no longer need This helps by making space for new gifts and preventing unnecessary items from cluttering your new home.

Organise belongings efficiently by labelling boxes according to rooms. Designate a box or bag for holiday essentials like decorations, wrapping paper, and any gifts you’ve already purchased.

4. Decide how and where you will celebrate Christmas Day 

Decorating your new home with holiday decorations can be an excellent way to get into the festive spirit while settling in. Just decide when and how you can do this. Getting the kids to help you decorate can give them a feeling of ownership over your new space. 

You can unpack a few of your favourite decorations and ornaments making the new place familiar to your own family. It will also give you and your loved ones a sense of accomplishment and a chance to relax and enjoy the season. Play holiday music, indulge in seasonal treats, and involve the family in decorating your new space once you arrive. It’ll add a touch of joy amidst the moving chaos.

Also, plan your purchases of food for the day keeping in mind the reduced shopping hours in certain places.

Research local businesses and services in your new area. Knowing which stores or restaurants are open during the holidays can be a lifesaver if you need last-minute supplies or a meal.

5. Contact utilities, mail redirection and others before holiday hours

Don’t forget to give plenty of notice to the various utilities that provide services to your new home. These might include gas, electricity, rubbish collection, delivery and courier services. Keep in mind that some of them will be closed over the Christmas/New Year period so the need for adequate notice is so much more vital. Austpost mail redirection is another issue. You might also need to cancel services to your old residence to save you money.

It is worthwhile to keep in contact with furniture transport interstate removalists as the festive season is inherently busier for them than during the rest of the year. Factors like traffic congestion, transport corridor busyness, weather, and accommodation are all at play during the Christmas period.

Combine Christmas cards with your change of address

Utilise virtual greetings for change of address instead of sending physical cards, consider using e-cards or emails to notify friends and family about your change of address during the holiday season. 

6. How to manage Christmas shopping while moving

Preparing for Christmas when moving house

If you are able, doing your Christmas shopping online or well in advance can save you both time and money. If you shop online, you can either have a wishlist that you order from once you have moved. Or you can get it all sent to you and have a box you are packing full of Christmas gifts. 

You can also do this for shopping in advance. Instead of a Christmas tree, you are putting presents under, you can have a Christmas box that gets unpacked. Maybe the kids can draw a tree on it if you have any that age. The trick is to keep track of this!

Another idea while you are in transition is to have a big sack, like Santa would, that you stuff all your Christmas presents into. This adds a bit of whimsy and excitement you wouldn’t normally get at Christmas. Just wrap as you go so you don’t end up wrapping all the presents the night before when you are already tired from moving.  

Moving house at Christmas doesn’t have to exclude all the wonders of the Christmas season especially, for your children. All it takes is a bit of creativity and planning. 

7. Isolate essentials and important documents

As you pack, keep essentials handy and in a place that you remember. These items might be towels and linen, a change of clothes, toiletries, make-up, and favourite toys for an easy transition from house to house. 

On the day of your move, you also want snacks, water to avoid dehydration, keys to residences, critical documents and any other items that you will need in the short term. 

For the Christmas season, essentials may also include your Christmas tree, Christmas PJs, presents, seasonal dishes, and decorations with possible things to put them on. Even a string of lights can add to the atmosphere. Just string them along all the boxes in the corner. 

8. Engage helpers where possible

A reputable furniture transport interstate removalist is the absolute best helper you can engage as the holidays are a very busy time for everyone. So it may be easier to have help organised rather than rely on family and friends. 

That being said, this is also an excellent opportunity to invite family or friends over to help unpack with a festive flavour thrown in. They can see your new place, maybe help with decorations and jam out to Christmas carols. You can turn it into a new residence celebration with your family while they help you unpack and organise. Good family connection stuff!

9. Create a strategy for children, school holidays and pets

If convenient you may be able to utilise family or others to care for the kids while you are engaged in your move. It has a twofold advantage in that the kids are out of the way of the movers and engaged in fun activities along with providing you with the knowledge that they are safe and happy. 

If you are moving during the school holidays, it is worth considering what you want to do with the kids. Do they help? Will they hinder? Do they have friends they can hang out with for a day or two?

If you usually use vacation care during school holidays, this may be helpful at some stages of the move. Just be sure you book your spot in advance. 

Pets might come under the same type of management so that you are sure that they are out of the way but safe too! 

10. Create a holiday moving tradition

Start a new tradition in your new home to celebrate your first Christmas there. It could be anything from baking biscuits, Christmas cake or a fabulous Christmas plum pudding to having a special meal with your loved ones.

You may also start a few new traditions based on the location or layout of your new home. This could be where you put your tree, Christmas lights or even have a giant box full of presents that you unpack.

In conclusion: 

Moving during the holiday season might have its unique challenges, but it also offers an opportunity for a fresh start in your new abode while making lasting memories. By following these tips and embracing the festive spirit, you can make your holiday move a smooth and cheerful experience for you and your loved ones.

Moving at this festive season therefore doesn't have to be a negative one. With proper planning and a positive mindset, you can enjoy the holidays while in transition. Decorate your new space, utilise storage units if needed, and take advantage of the festive spirit to make the most out of your relocation. And finally, don't forget to take breaks from the moving process and indulge in your favourite seasonal activities.

Happy Holidays and Happy Moving!

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