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Moving house in the rain: wet weather isn't all bad

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It's raining, it's pouring - the moving house blues. Surely, one of the worst things that can happen when moving house is when it rains. All of your carefully planned moving tasks go out the window and you're stuck inside with nothing to do but worry about what needs to be done. But don't cancel your moving plans just yet!

There are some pros to moving house in the rain that you may not have considered. In this blog post, we explore both the pros and cons and some helpful ideas for moving house in bad weather.

  1. The pros of moving house in the rain
  2. The cons of moving house in the rain
  3. Wear protective shoes to keep you safe
  4. How to make the most of moving in the rain
  5. Tips for keeping your belongings safe and dry during a move (boxes, electrical etc)
  6. What to do if it starts raining while you're already packing up your boxes
  7. Mould prevention

The pros of moving house in the rain

While most people moving house prefer to do so on a sunny day, there are some advantages to moving house in the rain. For one thing, there will be less competition from other people moving, possibly giving you a cost advantage if you go ahead with it. This is especially true if you're moving during the winter when moving companies are often booked solid. Moving in the rain can be a great way to save money. Many moving companies offer discounts for off-peak times, so you may be able to get a better deal by moving on a rainy day. Whatever your reasons for moving in the rain, just be sure to take extra care with yourself, your helpers and your belongings and plan ahead carefully to avoid any headaches on moving day.

The cons of moving house in the rain

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Moving house is always a stressful experience, but moving in the rain can add an extra layer of complication. For one thing, it's harder to keep things dry and clean when everything is getting wet. Even if you're careful, your belongings will likely get muddy or wet unless you take some sensible precautions. This can be especially troublesome if you're moving fragile items like electronics. In addition, it's more difficult to move heavy furniture when the ground is slippery. And if you're moving from out of town, you'll have to contend with the traffic and weather conditions on the roads. All in all, moving house in the rain is something best avoided if possible. But if you find yourself in this situation, just be sure to take extra care and allow plenty of extra time for your move.

Wear protective shoes to keep you safe

It is important for you and your helpers to wear sensible wet weather gear and sturdy shoes with good grip in rainy weather. It is too easy to slip on wet tiles or other floor surfaces. Tape down any towels or plastic sheeting on the floor at the entranceway so that mud and water don’t ingress too far into your home. 

How to make the most of moving in the rain

It is advisable to monitor the weather leading up to the moving day to avoid the worst of weather extremes like strong winds, gales, driving rain and other complicating weather phenomenon. Monitor possible flood events also so that you and your convoy don’t get caught up or held up because of floods. Keep in mind the fact that it is likely going to take extra time to load and travel if it is raining. This might mean paying a little more as a result of the longer time for the move.

Tips for keeping your belongings safe and dry during a move (boxes, electrical etc)

  • Have plenty of packaging material at hand like extra tape, plastic sheeting or large garbage bags, bubble or shrink wrap, plastic tubs for electronic goods and packing blankets.
  • Your Brisbane Interstate Removalists or local movers may have couch covers and mattress covers to help protect your precious possessions in inclement weather.
  • Place full moving cartons in plastic garbage bags but be careful lifting them as they will be slippery if wet.
  • Keep the packed weights down and lift with a straight back using your legs to push up.
  • If you have enough helpers, form a hand-to-hand line to get items into or out of the truck more quickly without walking mud into the houses.

What to do if it starts raining while you're already packing up your boxes

Middle aged couple taping up boxes ready to move home

  • If there is a heavy downpour stop loading and maybe do more packing inside if necessary. 
  • It is also a good idea to centralise your possessions before your chosen Brisbane interstate removalists arrive. This will greatly cut the time necessary to load, saving you money and time, especially in rainy conditions. 
  • The garage or a similarly large and easily-accessible entry point is ideal. 
  • At the same time sort and prioritise your load so that more fragile items, furniture or things like electronics can be loaded between cloud bursts.
  • If possible set up a marquee or tarpaulin from the garage or entryway to the truck to give a covered walkway from or to the interstate removals truck.
  • Keep a clear pathway for access to your entryway or garage.
  • Attempt to get the interstate removals truck as close as possible to your houses to minimise the distance to walk to and from the truck.

Mould prevention

  • If some of your soft furnishings, mattresses or other furniture are damp, try to air them in the sun as soon as possible to avoid mould growth. 
  • The sun is the best form of mould deterrence, make good use of your clothesline or hoist during breaks in inclement weather.
  • Keep heating appliances such as heaters, hair dryers, or any other useable heating appliances handy to assist in drying out your damp possessions.
  • Check out your contents insurance policy to see that you are covered during the move despite weather factors.
  • Keep an eye out for any signs of black spots or mildew growth after you've moved in and treat them immediately.

The wrap-up

It's no secret that moving house is a huge project, especially in the rain. That just makes everything so much harder, doesn't it? Well, as mentioned it isn't all bad news. There are one or two definite pros to moving in the rain. So before you go cancelling your Brisbane interstate removalists and move altogether because of a little forecasted precipitation, read our top tips on how to make the most of moving in the rain.

Of course, there are also some cons to consider. Wet weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, so it's important to take precautions while you're packing up your boxes and lugging your belongings from one place to another. Make sure you wear protective shoes and clothing and take care of any electrical devices or appliances. If possible, try to pack them in waterproof containers or wrap them in plastic sheeting.

In general, wet weather slows down the whole process of moving house. So if you're already feeling rushed and stressed out by the prospect of relocating, don't add more pressure by trying to do it all under stormy skies. Instead, take things slow and easy - this is not the time for last-minute rushing! And if it does start raining while you're already packed up and ready to go, just roll with it!

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