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Moving interstate tips: the do’s & don'ts of interstate home hunting

Moving interstate

Ahh, the challenges of moving interstate; the change in state sporting allegiances, the change in weather, the change in school systems and workplaces... It may all seem overwhelming, but as we move interstate on a daily basis (literally) and we operate Australia-wide, we've got some insights that will make the whole process easier. 

So what to do when moving to another state? Once the decision to move interstate has been finalised, next, you need to secure your new home.

Here's some do's and don'ts of interstate home hunting, and what comes next after you've locked one down. 

First and foremost, checking out a property from a different state online gives you a 'first impression' that may help narrow your search, but don't rely on it to make a purchase decision. It's always best to check out the property, the street, the suburb in person.  

The Do's:

1. Research the local real estate market

Before you even start packing your bags, take the time to research the real estate market in your destination state. Learn about the different neighbourhoods, property values, and market trends. 

2. Create a budget

Determine how much you're willing to spend on your new home or rental and establish a realistic budget. If buying, consider not only the purchase price but also property taxes, homeowners insurance, and maintenance costs. Sticking to a budget will help you avoid financial stress down the road.

Also, consider moving costs and create a budget or savings plan for those. You want to include things like:

  • Interstate removalists
  • Packing materials
  • Transportation
  • Establishing new services
  • Time off work
  • Childcare
  • Unplanned for expenses

3. Connect with a local real estate agent

Working with a local real estate agent who specializes in the area you're moving to is a smart move. They can provide valuable insights, show you the best properties that match your criteria, and negotiate on your behalf. A local agent's knowledge can be a game-changer during your interstate home search.

4. See it in person before you buy

If renting first isn’t an option ask family / friends in the area to check out the property for any potential red flags to save time checking out every property on your shortlist yourself.


Couple pointing at their lovely dream home

5. Enlist the services of a buyers agent. 

They function much the same as a real estate agent, except they act on behalf of the buyer, not the seller. They specialise in reviewing properties on behalf of their client and can also negotiate the sale as well. They’re licensed much the same as a real estate agent is and you’ll pay for their service as you would a real estate agent if you were selling.

So what are the benefits of using one?

  • Save time (no spending weekend after weekend at open homes)
  • Industry & investment knowledge (they know the area - property growth hotspots etc)
  • They're experienced & have expertise in property purchase negotiations 

6. Consider your future needs:

Think about your long-term plans and how the home you choose will meet your needs. Will it accommodate a growing family or changes in your lifestyle? Consider factors like schools, commute times, and local amenities that will impact your quality of life in the future.

7. Live there before you buy there

If at all possible, rent in the suburb first (or even better, the same street) for at least a couple of months to get a feel for it.

Need to make your move, yesterday? If there are two of you and it’s possible, save time by one person already moving to the area and locking in a rental property while the other stays behind to pack house and organise the move.

We've put together a handy Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist to give you a must-do reference for your move. Download it for free: The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist

If you can't rent in the same street, visit the street on different days at different times, both day and night, to get a feel for how busy it is, the noise level from the neighbours etc. 

Couple calling interstate removalist about moving house

The Don'ts:

1. Rush the process

Moving interstate is a significant life change, and finding the right home should not be rushed. Take your time to explore your options, conduct research, and evaluate properties thoroughly. Impulse decisions can lead to regrets later on.

2. Ignore your gut feeling

If something doesn't feel right about a property, neighbourhood or a suburb, trust your instincts. Your intuition can often alert you to potential problems that you might not notice on paper. Don't settle for a place that doesn't make you feel comfortable and happy.

3. Overlook hidden costs:

Don't forget to factor in hidden costs when budgeting for your new home. These can include homeowner association fees, property maintenance, utilities, and any renovation or repair work that may be required. Failing to account for these costs can strain your finances.

4. Neglect future resale value:

While it's important to find a home that suits your current needs, also consider its resale value. Life can be unpredictable, and circumstances may change. A home with good resale potential will give you flexibility and peace of mind.

You've locked in your new home, so what next?

You've secured your new home and locked in your move date, now you need to get cracking on organising the move itself. There's quite a bit to consider so we'd recommend starting planning as early as you can.

Interstate removalists are often booked out months in advance so the earlier you decide on a removalist, the better your chance of getting the one you're after on the dates that you need. 

If you need other services tied in with your move, then look for reputable interstate removalists who offer all of the services you need - it's much easier and less stressful to coordinate all packing - moving - storing - moving insurance services with the one provider.

For your shortlist of potential providers, make sure you check out their interstate removalists reviews on their website and online platforms such as Google and Facebook to make sure you're getting the best interstate removals provider.

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Moving interstate tips: the wrap up

The interstate move is the biggest of them all, but plan early, get some good advice like what we've got here ;) and you'll live through it just fine. A new start, new life and new adventures await you on the other side of your move.

We'd love to be the ones to get you there, so if you've got any questions about planning your interstate move, get in touch or give us a call. 

The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist