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Removalist definition & why they are so important now

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If you are in the process of moving or even just thinking about it, you should know what to expect from a “removalist” and what they do before engaging their services. More particularly if you’re going to be paying for them then it makes sense to know what you're paying for. We are going to have a look at what a removalist definition is and what it is that makes their work so important now but firstly let’s look at some definitions.

What is the official definition of a removalist?

The Oxford dictionary defines a 'removalist' as "a person or company that takes furniture, etc from one house or building to another."

The Cambridge dictionary’s definition of a 'removalist' is "someone who helps people move their possessions to a different place to live or work."

If you’re moving from Bamaga to Hobart or from Geraldton to Yeppoon, Interstate Removalists can move peoples precious possessions across the whole expanse of our beautiful and wide land.

Why are furniture removalists so important now?

As we are all aware, in these days of COVID-19, there are many people either being displaced or choosing to relocate to regional areas. Most particularly with so many people being able to work remotely nowadays, relocation is becoming a viable and desirable opportunity. Statistics from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) indicate that there was a net gain of 43,000 people moving from capital cities to regional areas in 2020 and in the March Quarter of 2021 104,100 people moved interstate. That’s a lot of people on the move and so the need for interstate removalists with creditable services could never be greater.

What services can I expect from Interstate Removalists?

  • Wrapping and Packing
  • Unwrapping and Unpacking
  • Loading and unloading
  • Storage both long and short term
  • Custom and specialist services
  • Heavy items
  • 2nd-car transport
  • What about our pet
  • Supply of packing materials
  • Helpful advice

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Why a removalist?

When you see that huge furniture item or pool table or piano leaving your house or being brought into your new address without you lifting a finger and more importantly without you straining a muscle in your back, then the reasoning for using a moving service that knows exactly how to move and load your precious possessions becomes apparent. A specialist removalist service that treats your possessions with the same care as if they were their own and takes the worry out of the whole process for you, must be worthy of serious consideration.

If your wondering how much it costs to move interstate then our free interstate moving calculator will help you estimate your budget. 

Tips to a stress-free interstate move

Is it at all possible to have a stress free move or does stress come as part of the territory? Your mindset is the key. If you see the move as the next chapter in your life’s adventure rather than a drudgery then each aspect becomes a voyage of discovery for you. This might include meeting new neighbours or exploring all the new opportunities becoming available to you as a result of your relocation, or even contemplating new challenges that present themselves because of where your new home is located. If you find your stress levels on the rise make sure you read our house moving tips and there is the option to place the whole project (wrapping and all) into the capable hands of some Interstate Removalists.

In Summary

So in conclusion, Interstate Removalists by their very nature are there to make your transition from your current address to your new home as seamless as possible by looking after your precious possessions in the most efficient and caring manner. They can capably handle all aspects of furniture removals from packing to loading and transporting to unloading, unpacking or storage as necessary for your particular situation.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist is a useful tool that you might find particularly helpful in planning your move and finding the areas of concern for you that can be remedied by engaging moving professionals.

The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist