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Should you move interstate? Key stats & resources to help you decide

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In our experience, a move interstate is usually the result of a big life change - either for personal or work reasons. Or in the case of business - usually as a result of expansion. Either way, getting to a point where you've reached the big decision - to move or not to move - there's a lot of pros and cons to consider. As interstate removalists we've talked to hundreds if not thousands of clients over the years, so we've got a few insights that may be helpful to you in your decision making.

Already decided to move? Here's what to do next

If you've already reached your decision, great! Next thing on the agenda is to start planning the actual move - it's important that your move is stress free, tailored to your needs (think timeframes, amount you have to move, what you've got to organise before and after etc.), and you're confident that your belongings/furniture will arrive damage free and in mint condition, so here's a checklist we've put together of all the essentials you need to plan for your big move interstate...

Download the Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist

Haven't made up your mind to move interstate yet?

Getting to a point where you decide to move interstate or not isn't easy, so don't think you're going nuts trying to figure it out - we've spoken with loads of customers over the years and most have been in the same boat.

Resources if you're thinking to move interstate for work or business...

If you're thinking about making a move interstate for job or business opportunities, we've put together the below information to help you make an informed decision.

Not sure what state would be best to move to for work or business? The government site for the Department of Jobs & Small Business has data on employment rates, job opportunities, and industries all searchable by location:

With over 24,500 job advertisements online as of April 2019*, and with New South Wales, Victoria and then Queensland respectively having the most job opportunities, an interstate move could be a smart move.

*Data from Labour Market Information Portal

So if you're checking out a new job interstate, considering which state would be your best bet for suitable job opportunities, or looking for hot spots around the country to attract new talent for your business - understanding where the most jobs are by industry might just help you decide.

More great job data / opportunity websites to help you with your decision:

The wrap up

It's going to take time to consider what's best for you / your family / your business, but with some research (we hope the links above give you a good place to start), making a move interstate for a job or for business expansion - might just be the right move 😊

The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist