Young couple pack boxes ready for interstate house move

People moving interstate due to COVID-19

Moving interstate

1000 Aussies surveyed by Budget Direct discovered that out of those surveyed, 1 in 5 Aussies are moving interstate.

You might have thought that with all of the COVID-19 lockdowns we have had in Australia that people may have slowed down their moving plans. Moving definitely can be a stressful time and with COVID-19 issues to deal with, moving is definitely a little more hectic than usual. 

A man looking at storage units to store his house items in.

Moving house storage - the pros and cons.

Moving Tips  |  Moving interstate

We are going to give you some worthwhile information and ideas about storage. The ultimate decision is yours of course but it’s always good to be aware of the facts before making a decision. Especially when it’s your money paying for the decision. There are always pros and cons to any decision so it’s good to have the facts before deciding. 

Removalists unloading boxes from truck

Brisbane removalists hourly rate

Moving Tips  |  Moving interstate

One of the first considerations that come to mind when moving is “what’s it going to cost us”. Like most of us, you don’t have an unlimited flow of cash so in this article we have put together key Brisbane removalists hourly rates, along with other major city rates or fees to be aware of.