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Where can I get moving boxes & what sizes do I need?

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Before we go any further - we want to clarify that boxes for general household storage are not suitable to use for your move. Why? Because generic storage boxes you can purchase locally, say from your local hardware store, are not designed to be strong or tough enough for commercial transportation. Generic storage boxes used for a commercial move is likely to result in boxes giving way under weight, or tears and punctures to the box, all resulting in damage to your items. Generally, you’ll probably pay more per box for a moving box over a storage box, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Where can I get moving boxes?

You can purchase commercial-grade boxes for moving from us or any reputable supplier. We can organise courier delivery of your boxes directly to you, Australia-wide, and if you purchased more than what you need for your move with us, we’ll credit the leftover boxes back to you when we arrive for your move. Find out more about purchasing packaging material and our boxes for moving.

What size box do I need?

Boxes come in different sizes and types - each designed for a different purpose. So when packing your items and belongings, it’s best to know which type of box to use and what to use them for. Here’s some of the most common boxes for moving and what they’re suitable for.

Essentials Moving Box (Priority Box) - Length: 40.6L x 29.8W x 43.1H

This box is usually brightly coloured so it can be easily identified quickly. This is where you put essential items you need to pack last or open first. Use for items like TV remotes, cabinet keys, furniture screws, bed caster wheels etc. This box should be last on the truck & first off truck when you move.

Small Moving Box (Crystal Box) - 40.3L x 30.1W x 33.0H

Use this box in the kitchen for items such as crockery, pots and pans, and appliances, and heavier general household items such as electronics and books. Also great for glassware and fragile or breakable items that you don’t want to pack in a larger box in amongst other items. We recommend purchasing a couple extra of these size boxes than you expect you’ll need as their size makes them perfect to pack last minute things.

Medium Moving Box (Book Box) – 40.0L x 30.0W x 43.5H 

When assembled with a good quality packing tape this box should be used to pack heavy items such as books or the content of your filing cabinet.

Large Moving Box (Tea Chest Box) – 43.1L x 40.6W x 59.6H

Use this box to pack the majority of your household items, however do not fill this box with heavy items such as books. For heavy items use the small moving box “Crystal Carton” or the medium moving box “Book/Wine Box’.

Wardrobe box

The great thing about this type of box is that it comes with a metal rod to hang your clothes which makes them perfect for clothing that you don’t want to crush in a suitcase. The downside is that these boxes are more expensive, and they also take up a lot of space in the truck. Wardrobe boxes can also be used to transport items that cannot be stored flat such as chandeliers or other hanging decors.

Picture/Mirror Box

As the name says, this box is great for packing mirrors and framed items such as paintings and photos. Before placing your items inside this box, make sure to wrap them first in crushed butchers paper or bubble wrap for extra protection. Secure the box well with tape to make sure the box can hold the weight of it’s contents when carried.

Mattress box – Perfect if you would prefer to protect your mattress more than just by wrapping it in plastic. Double the protection by plastic wrapping the mattress first before sliding into the box.

The wrap up.

So before you start to pack for your move, get in touch to organise your moving boxes to be sent directly to you. We'd be happy to walk you through what would be best for your move, how to estimate how many boxes you'll need, and any other questions you may have.

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