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Brisbane Removals | A Guide To Help You Move & Save Money

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You have the enviable position of deciding where to move to, within the beautiful city of Brisbane otherwise known as the River City. It is a decision that might be driven by budget, lifestyle, education, sporting facilities, health facility accessibility, downsizing or upsizing, wealth creation due to housing market forces, rental considerations, first home buying. Well done no matter what your reason. Brisbane is a great place in which to live and move and have your being. The weather is great, the facilities are superb, the proximity to the best beaches in Australia is fantastic, the lifestyle is relaxed, the locals are friendly, and it’s just a pretty city.

To get you the most common moving to Brisbane questions answered read our blog - moving to Brisbane questions. If you're ready to move you should check out our moving preparation guide also: 

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Our suburbs guide to help you move

For a look at the “where to” question of deciding to move, we have an excellent guide to help you sort out your best choices for your family's situation.

Our Brisbane suburbs guide blog is a great starting point tool to help you find your dream home suburb and to give you an idea of the facilities that are fundamental to your decisions about where to live. 

Some points to consider about relocating

It is a good idea to be open to different ideas about relocating:

  • Which facilities do you and your family need to be closest to eg. sports, work, educational, hospitals, transport hubs, coastal, entertainment?
  • How much time are you prepared to spend in transit to and from these facilities or responsibilities?
  • Do you enjoy a more rural aspect or are you happy with the middle of the city, or something in between like a suburban area? While we’re at it; units, house, a flat or apartment, and would you rather rental or owned?
  • Insist on a very thorough inspection of your chosen property prior to purchase or rental as once the decision is made you've got to live with it.

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Some important considerations for dealing with the actual movers 

  • Get the details of the "moving agreement" with your furniture removalist in writing to ensure the removalist has the correct addresses and phone numbers. 
  • Ensure you understand how you will be charged for the removal services and what the service includes. Again; get it in writing to avoid confusion.
  • Engaging the removalist on an hourly rate charging basis allows you to save money (by reducing the time) if you choose to assist the removalist during the moving process.
  • Try and budget ahead for your move so that you won't be caught short the first week in your new home or rental.

A few ideas to save you money on your move

Before going ahead with a move it’s worthwhile to consider some pertinent money-saving points like:

  • Take a careful and considered look at your new location for accessibility both from the point of view of vehicular access. If you don’t have a large driveway access or parking in the street you might find that you need to arrange with the neighbours or local council to set aside some parking for the removalist’s trucks.
  • From the point of view of access for the movers can they access your property easily or are there elevators, stairs or some other impediment to their free movement.
  • Think about the “when” of your move as seasonal variations can affect removalists pricing for instance March to April can be cheaper than October to February.
  • Can you downsize your load through a garage sale or on Gumtree, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace etc? Think of the money you might make and also save through not having to move those items.
  • See if you can you move your stuff into a common area like a garage or basement area, as this will save you a packet in time. Time for which you are paying. It’s much more efficient and easier for the movers to be able to collect all your stuff from one central location rather than many varied locations or rooms. 
  • Ask your Brisbane furniture removalist if you can help them load if you're up to it. You can possibly disassemble and reassemble your own furniture if you're a bit handy and maybe pack and clearly label your own stuff. 
  • Do a comprehensive inventory of your furniture and stuff so that you can be assured that all of your precious possessions arrive at your new place.

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Some great planning and house moving tips

For some really well thought out ideas to help with your move check out our house moving tips and our very thorough house moving checklist.

Some final words from our Brisbane removals team

If you are confused and have some questions we are here to help. With a dedicated fleet of removalist trucks along with very polite and helpful staff, we are ready at your beck and call to help you with what might be one of the biggest changes in lifestyle that you will ever go through. There is a level of excitement associated with moving location in addition to opportunities that may often come up. For any further questions that might arise have a look at our FAQ’s or call us for free on 1800 681 434.

The Ultimate Moving Preparation Checklist