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Common COVID-19 questions about moving house

Moving Tips

Below are some of the most common questions asked about moving house during these tough times and relevant Government sites to help you get the latest travel advice.

We are currently moving people all over Australia but if you're unsure about your move, call us for free on 1800 681 434 to get the latest moving advice directly from our friendly team.

Quick links to each of the common COVID-19 moving questions:

  1. Can I move house in QLD during COVID-19 outbreak?
  2. Can I travel across the Queensland border during Stage 3 of COVID-19 pandemic?
  3. Are there any extra COVID-19 rules I need to be aware of if I am allowed into Queensland?
  4. Can I move into a house, in my state, during the COVID-19?
  5. How can I move safely during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Can I move house in QLD during COVID-19 outbreak?

As per the QLD government site, they have said “Yes. You are permitted to move homes and engage professionals to assist you. However, during the move physical distancing is to be practised as much as possible”

Jun 15th, 2020 ~ Source:

Can I travel across the Queensland border during Stage 3 of COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, but the Queensland border is still subject to restrictions. If you travel across the border, your re-entry into Queensland may be subject to some restrictions.

Are there any extra COVID-19 rules I need to be aware of if I am allowed into Queensland?

If you are allowed to enter Queensland without quarantining, you will need to adhere to a range of key restrictions and we recommended you go to Queensland Government's border restrictions website for the latest details on this.

Can I move into a new house, in my state, during the COVID-19?

In most cases, yes, but each state has slightly different restrictions so it is best to check the latest updates from their website.

We recommend checking the State Government's website for the latest update but the Australian Government’s site, Health Direct, has a clear state and territory COVID-19 information list. Also, don’t forget you can call the national advice hotline on 1800 020 080.

Quick tip: “Use the COVID-19 Restriction Checker to find out what you can and can't do in your state or territory”

~ Health Direct website

QLD: If you're looking to make QLD your new permanent home you will be allowed to move, but some restrictions or rules may apply to you that are dependant on the place you have lived and your recent activities. If you check out the latest QLD border restrictions updates, it will outline in detail key things to be aware. The good news though is at time of publishing (Aug 31st, 2020), QLD is still accepting interstate newcomers that want to make the Sunshine State their permanent home.

More info at

NSW: No problem currently in the NSW as moving house is classed as a reasonable activity that you can embark on.

NSW Travel and Transport Advice:

ACT: Nothing specific to moving house has been outlined yet, but it is currently allowed, so if you’ve got big plans to move interstate or have been considering this soon, now is the time to book this in.

For latest travel info in ACT visit:

NT: It would appear you can move house at this stage and our team can move you safely and according to the latest standards/requirements.

Get the latest NT travel updates from

SA: Overall, moving house is still classed as an essential activity and you should have no problems moving house currently.

For all cross border travel information from the SA Government visit:

Tas: It is not clearly stated if you can move house in Tasmania but based on some of the latest information, it should be possible. If you’re moving to Tasmania then definitely check the Tasmania COVID site but also call us for free on 1800 681 434 to discuss your needs and get the latest moving advice.

Vic: It is still possible, but it’s getting harder as there are currently stage 3 restrictions in place for regional Victoria, and stage 4 restrictions in place for metropolitan Melbourne areas. All people must wear a face mask outside, so things are more restrictive, but call us to be 100% and read the latest updates at the Victorian government site.

If you live in an area with Stage 4 restrictions and have already booked your house move, you can still proceed but you need to adhere to the curfew hours. Also as per the Victorian Government site, removalists can be used to help you move during stage 4 restrictions. 

WA: There is a strong push to stay at home in WA and the Government is asking people to use common sense and consider if their move is essential or if it can be delayed. We have storage options that might allow you to still do what you need to do now, but with the convenience of getting things stored for a very low daily price. We are still moving people from WA, but consider your health and talk to our expert team for the latest moving advice we are operating under.

The WA travel advice site is also a great resource to get the latest state-based COVID travel information.

How can I move safely during the COVID-19 epidemic?

Our team are following all the latest Government advice but there are things you can be doing to help make your move even safer - our blog How to move house safely during the COVID-19 Crises will help you answer this in more depth.

Let's all do our part to help & most of all, stay safe. 

These are tough times for many people but at the same time, we are seeing many positive signs around the number of people moving, investing and looking to the future for new and innovative ways to keep the economy moving. For us, we are proud to be able to help our fellow Aussies still move and do it safely. It’s not about stopping everything but more about adapting and making the most of our situation.

At Austate Removals, we are here to serve our clients and play our part in ensuring a bright future for all.