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Eco-friendly furniture moving: reducing your waste & carbon footprint

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Moving home can be one of the most exciting experiences, but it can also create a hefty carbon footprint. The long-distance haul and numerous trips to get rid of old furniture and belongings can produce emissions and waste. Fortunately, there are environmentally friendly moving tips to ensure you reduce your carbon footprint while effectively relocating to your new home!

In this post, we'll discuss how couples and families planning an interstate move can minimise their environmental impact with eco-friendly alternatives for packing supplies and transporting items during relocation. So let's explore some green practices for reducing waste without compromising on efficiency or incurring excessive costs!

Eco-friendly moving, the planning phase

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Before launching into your moving adventure it is vital to sit down as a family and work out a detailed plan of your move. You might discuss 

  • Timing, taking into account the time of year, holidays, likely traffic problems, parking difficulties for trucks at both locations
  • Creating a list of utilities and services to be contacted for connection, disconnection, commencement or cessation of services taking into account their green credentials
  • Getting quotes from reliable, experienced and trustworthy moving companies that offer interstate removals 
  • Making a decision to declutter rigorously to minimise your moving load
  • Work out ways of thoughtfully disposing of unwanted possessions
  • Consider all the ways of reducing your carbon footprint throughout your moving adventure
  • Engage also with your children’s ideas about reducing your carbon footprint 

Reuse packing materials - use newspaper, old blankets, and sheets and towels instead of non-biodegradable materials

Moving interstate doesn't just involve packing all your stuff, it can also be a great opportunity to make a positive contribution to the environment. Rather than buying plastic bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts, try reusing packing materials like old blankets and towels, or even newspapers or cardboard boxes from grocery outlets! You may even find someone selling or donating boxes they have used in their move.

Try packing your smaller items inside larger ones to reduce cubic space or leaving your clothes in the drawers of furniture and taping them shut. If you need to buy some packing material, buy locally to reduce extra transport. Not only will you save yourself some cash that would usually be spent on extra packing materials, you can also have the peace of mind knowing that your interstate removals project has made a small but significant positive impact on the environment.

Rent reusable containers - renting reusable plastic containers can eliminate the need for cardboard boxes

Moving is an uncomfortable enough process without worrying about the huge pile of cardboard boxes that come with it. You can hand them on to someone else rather than sending them to the tip or you could use Ezi Move Crates which are the perfect solution! Not only will they save you time, stress, and energy, but they can also help you live a more eco-friendly life.

These reusable plastic moving containers take much less space to store in addition to reducing your environmental footprint by helping minimise disposable waste. Plus, they’re easy to use and durable - what’s not to love? We told you there are some easy ways to care for the environment :). 

Eat all the food in your pantry before moving, burp! 

Instead of letting all the food in your pantry go to waste, make sure to use up everything you have before packing up your kitchen. When it comes to tips for an interstate house move, you might not think of the contents of your pantry. After all, if you're moving from one state to another, food is probably one of the last things you want to worry about. However, instead of letting all that food in your pantry go to waste, make sure you use it rather than packing it and minimise your load so much more! Eating all the food in your pantry before a long-distance move can help cut down on how many boxes or bags of groceries you'll have to pack, and will help leave a positive impact on our environment.

Donate items you no longer need or want - Donating clothes, furniture, and other household appliances will help reduce landfill waste

Donation box being packed during an interstate move

Donating furniture and other household items is a great way to make a positive impact when you move, not only for your wallet by reducing transport costs but also for the charities who survive on sales of your unwanted items in addition to having a very positive impact on the environment. Before packing up everything from your current home, take a few minutes and consider what furniture or appliances you no longer need or want. 

Donation ideas: 

  • Old clothing, often we have so much excess 
  • Tired furniture or furniture that just won’t work at your new place
  • Old bikes
  • Gym gear
  • Appliances 

When you donate items it prevents them from taking up valuable space in landfills and gives them a second life while helping someone else out who can use those items.

Chris Cornish - Owner, Austate Removals 

Not only can furniture donations reduce waste, but they can also give back in other ways to the organisations that provide valuable service to those who have less. So before you pack up your furniture for the move, think about where it could go next and what changes it might create in other people's lives if given away.

Recycle old electronics – drop off old electronics at local recycling centres

To reduce your moving footprint, recycle any old electronics to give them a second life. Local recycling centres provide drop-off bins to make it easy for you to dispose of items responsibly. There are some great alternatives and incentives that are available for you to recycle electronics. Also make sure you dispose thoughtfully of chemicals, old paint or oil rather than sending them to the tip.  

What about a garage sale?

While moving may present some challenges – especially with the piles of boxes – there are ways to turn your unused items into cash which you can use to help fund your move. Garage sales or putting your items and redundant furniture on an online marketplace can be one easy way to set yourself up for success in your move and create a positive feeling about decluttering your lives.

Choose movers that care about the environment

When you’re planning a move interstate, why not use removalists that care about the environment? It can be hard to know for certain which interstate removals are doing their best to make your move lessen the impact on the environment, but with a bit of research, you can find out more information and consciously choose removalists with an eco-friendly approach. For you that might be committing to recycling or simply ditching plastic packaging and opting for looser packaging materials like tissue paper or compostable packing peanuts. When making your move interstate, you can do your part in helping to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing removalists who share your values. The best part is: it's easy too!

Moving isn't easy, but it can be exciting at the same time and doesn't have to be a burden on the environment! By following these tips, you can make sure that your move is as green as possible. Reuse packing materials, rent reusable containers, eat all the food in your pantry before leaving, organise a garage sale or online marketplace, and donate items you no longer need or want. Recycle any old electronics and choose movers who are mindful of the environment. These small actions can make huge impacts on sustainable living now and in the future.

Get creative to minimise waste during your move and always keep sustainability at the forefront of your mind! From cutting down plastic use to recycling what we don’t need anymore, we can all strive towards making a positive impact on our planet. Got any other eco-friendly moving ideas? Let us know in the comments below. 

Happy environmentally friendly moving!

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