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12 steps to finding the perfect removalists in Sydney

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The time has come for you to plan your move. Did you know… you are just one of the thousands of Sydneysiders who will deal with the daunting task of packing everything around you into a moving truck this year.

As you start to plan, your world suddenly looks different. You realise that the large bookcase in the corner of the living room is very heavy, even without the books. You also now notice the narrowness of the passageways and the steepness of the stairs.

You may have family, friends or work colleagues who have offered to help you move, but
how much help can they really provide? It’s time to call a removalist.

Here are 12 steps to finding the perfect furniture removalist to help you plan and make the

  1. Understand your move
  2. A trusted moving partner
  3. Keeping promises
  4. Taking you seriously
  5. Experience matters
  6. Guarantees
  7. The talk around town
  8. More than just a quote
  9. To insure or not to insure?
  10. Consider your options
  11. A clear plan
  12. You come first

1. Understand your move

Before calling a removalist, get your own mind clear about your move. A removalist will
guide you through what you need to tell them so they can prepare a quote, but it’s
important to be ready before you call them.
Start by writing down all the details using the STILT approach:

  • Sequencing – Are their things that need to happen before your move can take
  • Time – When do you need to move? What time during the day is best?
  • Investment – How much can you afford? Setting aside money now will mean you will
    save time, stress and business or family disruptions in the long run.
  • Location – What locations are you moving from and to? Are there stairs or lifts to
    consider? What about parking space for the moving truck?
  • Trinkets and tricky items – What are you moving? What are the trinkets that don’t
    need care and the tricky items that do?

2. A trusted moving partner

There are many removalists out there providing services throughout Sydney. However, it’s
important to find one that doesn’t treat you like a job number, but as an individual. Your
removalist should be a trusted partner, helping you achieve a successful move. They should
listen to you, acknowledge your needs, offer you solutions and advice, and accommodate
you and those moving with you.

3. Keeping promises 

You need to be sure that your removalist will keep their promises. If they can provide you
with their quote within the timeframe agreed with you or specified on their website, then
that’s a good sign they’ll also arrive to start the packing on time and will complete the move
within the agreed timeframe.

4. Taking you seriously 

Your moving needs are important, and your removalist should take them seriously. How do
they handle your request for care to be taken when moving an heirloom grandfather clock
or when you explain you have a specific moving timeframe? If you find they are not taking
these specifics seriously and not offering sound solutions, alarm bells should be sounding!

5. Experience matters

Your removalists should offer a service that has successfully helped others like you before.
Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience. Removalists that have operated for many
years reveal their experience by sharing tips that can help you move more successfully.

6. Guarantees

Does your furniture removalist guarantee their service? Is the guarantee backed up with a
clear explanation of how it works and its conditions? Guarantees demonstrate that a
removalist has confidence in their service and their staff. Talk to your removalist about their
service guarantee and what it means for you.
Example guarantee that we use:Austate Safe Travel Guarantee

7. The talk around town

Do your research and find out what the talk around town is about the removalists you’re
considering. They operate in a competitive market and many feature customers reviews on
Facebook and Google. Are those reviews genuine? Don’t be afraid to quiz your removalist
about their online reviews and check if they respond to you openly and honestly. Read more
about how to spot a fake review.

8. More than just a quote

Your quote from a removalist should be easy to understand and reflect the services you
have asked to be quoted. A well-presented quote will reassure you that your removalist
understands your moving needs. When comparing quotes be aware of different pricing
approaches used, such as depot to depot or hourly rated time estimate.

9. To insure or not to insure?

What happens if something breaks or if a sudden rain downpour damages items moved?
Talk to your removalist about moving insurance. Be sure your removalist has the legal authority
to offer you moving insurance. If they can, be sure to carefully read the product disclosure
statement so you know what the insurance does and does not cover. Before going for
moving insurance, check if your home and contents insurance policy already covers your

10. Consider your options

You should be open to getting more than one quote, even if you are happy with the first
quote you get. By getting at least one other quote, you will gain a better understanding of
the services available and what they should cost. This will help you to have more confidence
in your decision.


11. A clear plan

Your removalist should be able to offer you a clear plan on how they will deliver the services
at a specified time and in line with the quote. The plan is aligned to your needs and forms
part of a contract that both parties will sign. The contract is a blueprint for the removalist’s
services and should leave nothing to chance.
Outside of the removalist having a plan make sure you have your own checklist/plan and if
you're stuck our Ultimate Moving Prep Checklist will give you a great starting point.

12. You come first

A reliable and experienced furniture removalist is one that puts you first. They must take the
time to understand your moving needs and then provide a tailored solution at a competitive
price. If you find yourself consistently adapting to suit the removalist’s needs, it’s time to
stop and find a different removalist.

The Wrap Up

The perfect removalist is out there! Follow these steps and you’ll find the right one for you!
Finally, the biggest takeaway you can and should take from this short article is; you need to
trust and feel comfortable with your removalist. If you do trust your mover your Sydney
move is going to be hassle-free and your new abode something to look forward to.

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