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Heavy furniture movers in Brisbane: Tips and recommendations

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Are you preparing to move into a new home or office space in Brisbane and dreading the thought of lugging heavy furniture across town? The very idea of manoeuvring sofas, beds, cabinets, pianos, pool tables and other large or heavy items through tight doorways or up and down staircases or even up into multi-storey buildings can turn even a confident home or unit owner into a ball of anxiety.

Fear no more – professional heavy furniture movers are not just a luxury; they're a necessity. Especially when it comes to ensuring a safe and smooth transition for your most cumbersome possessions.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essentials of finding and working with heavy furniture removalists in Brisbane.

Finding reliable heavy furniture movers in Brisbane

Selecting the right quality movers for your precious possessions is the cornerstone of a successful heavy furniture removals Brisbane move. Here's how to start the search.

It's not worth putting your back out

With heavy furniture, the risks of personal injury and property damage can be high. What an agonising result if you damaged your back just as you moved into your new residence.

Professionals are trained in the art of moving large, unwieldy items and are well-equipped to manage the challenges that come with it. They have the heavy lift equipment to be able to handle those heavy items without injury or damage to your items.

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Researching and comparing companies

Take the time to do thorough research. Look for companies with extensive industry experience in heavy furniture relocation. Narrow down your list based on services offered, pricing, and reputation.

Reading reviews and testimonials

Peer reviews and customer testimonials offer a glimpse into the company’s track record. Pay attention to any recurrent praise or complaints, and actively seek out references from colleagues, friends or family members who have made similar moves in Brisbane.

Preparing for the move

A little preparation can go a long way. This might include having your precious artwork properly puddled, enshrouded, wrapped or shrink-wrapped to protect it from any chance of damage. This is one of the many services that a long-experienced furniture removals Brisbane company can handle with precision and efficiency,

Measuring furniture and doorways

Ensure that you measure both the furniture and the door openings in your new and old spaces to guarantee a smooth removal and refit.

An experienced furniture removalist will be happy to give you help in this endeavour so that you can be confident that all the concerns you might have are adequately covered.

This simple step could save you a major headache on the big day.

Disassembling furniture if necessary

Large items like beds and wardrobes can often be taken apart to make them easier and safer to move. Again an industry-leading furniture removalist will make the disassembly and reassembly of your furniture an easy option for you without you raising a finger.

Just another of the many services offered by furniture removals Brisbane. You might like to check for any instructions or consult with the manufacturer before the move.

Considerations when choosing your removalist

Two furniture movers moving a couach in Brisbane

When it comes to the heavy lifting, safety is paramount. And you also want to be sure your removalist has the right equipment. 

Do they have the correct moving equipment and tools?

Professional movers often employ tools like dollies, straps, and sliders to move heavy furniture with ease. These tools not only make the job safer but also protect your floors and walls from damage.

Be sure to ask if they are equipped with these if you are not sure.

Can they protect floors and walls?

Consider using moving blankets or other protective materials to avoid scratches and dents in your furniture and the walls of your property. If your mover can't provide this, be sure to find out so you can be prepared. 

Do they have time?

It is worth checking in to see how long (or short) the waits are for moving and if furniture movers have availability. You can ask them about this when you request a quote. 

Specialised moving services

For special items that need extra attention, look for movers who offer:

Piano moving

Pianos are not only heavy but also extremely sensitive to changes in motion and temperature. Ensure your piano reaches its destination with its tune intact.

Pool table moving

Pool tables require precision and care to avoid damage to the table and ensure a smooth playing surface.

Antique furniture moving

Antique furniture may be irreplaceable. Choose a mover experienced in the delicate art of protecting and relocating historical and precious pieces.

Quotes, costs and estimates

Understand the cost breakdown before committing.

Factors affecting the cost of heavy furniture moving

  1. The distance of the move
  2. The weight
  3. The number of items
  4. Number of movers required
  5. The time it takes for the move
  6. Any additional services.

Requesting quotes and estimates

Obtain several quotes and ask for on-site estimates if possible. Be clear on what is included in the price and enquire about any potential extra charges.

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Leaving the heavy lifting to the pros is the surest way to navigate a heavy furniture move without a hitch. When in Brisbane, ensure a stress-free relocation by enlisting the aid of reliable heavy furniture movers.

Austate Removals offers professional moving services that tackle the toughest jobs with expertise and care. Trust in seasoned movers to handle your heavy furniture properly, allowing you to focus on the excitement of settling into your new space without the agony of a damaged back or other injury.

Whether you're moving within the city or to a destination further afield, professional movers can make your move as smooth as possible. With the right team at your side, no relocation is too daunting. Here’s to a new chapter filled with less hassle and more happiness, courtesy of your trusted Brisbane heavy furniture movers.

Happy Moving!

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