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How to move a piano long distance

Piano & Heavy Moves

If you own one, then you’re well aware that pianos are extremely heavy instruments. Because of their weight and size, trying to move them without damage to the instrument, the walls, floor or your back, takes careful planning and expertise.

Professional piano movers, should you get one?

Considering the lightest pianos start at around 150kg, it’s always recommended to get professional piano movers to do the job. Check that the removalist you’re considering has professionally trained staff that are experienced. Removalists may say they can do the job, but unfortunately, a lot will take on any job that comes their way, and they don’t provide professional training for their staff.

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Iron frame upright pianos through to all types of grand pianos – all are extremely heavy and awkward, and difficult to move. If your removalist doesn’t know the correct techniques or have the right equipment to do the job, the chance of damage to the instrument, or floors and walls they’re passing through, is high.

“Professional piano movers are experts at their jobs. They are experienced, trained, and will do the move the right way.”

Moving companies that specialise in moving heavy objects train their personnel to become professional piano removalists. Not only are they physically built for the job, but they are also trained to be knowledgeable in all aspects involved in moving and transporting large upright, baby grand, semi-grand and grand pianos.

  • They have been professionally trained to move these heavy, expensive instruments.
  • They have the specialist tools needed to move pianos, and they know how to use them.
  • They know how to correctly secure pianos for damage-free transportation.

They are also knowledgeable in all of the logistical requirements involved in the moving process. For example, how to move piano’s through tight access ways without damaging walls or floors, or the piano.

Common questions we’re asked about moving pianos

Piano moving cost long distance?

To work out the cost, professional piano movers will first assess your piano. They will look at the size, the weight, and the type of piano that you have. They will also look at the room the piano has to be moved out of, and the path through the house that they will be taking your piano through, taking into account any stairs, difficult turns and doorways. From this information, your piano removalists will be able to determine the tools needed and the number of staff required to do the job. After this, your current location and delivery point will be calculated to come up with your quote.

How to move a piano long distance?

When we’re getting your piano ready for your long distance move, we will get you to lock your keyboard lid, or secure the lid ourselves if needed, before wrapping the piano with protective moving blankets and strapping to ensure the instrument is protected during the move.

We plan how we’re going to get your piano out of your current location by assessing the best moving path; measuring doorways, moving furniture out of the way, removing rugs or mats and anything else on or near the path that we will be taking. We check flooring that we have to pass over, taking care to protect tiled and timber floors which can be easily cracked from heavy pianos.

We then use a four-wheeled dolly (essentially a piano trolley) to load your piano on to roll your piano through the pathway we’ve planned. This trolley provides ease of movement and transfer of the instrument into and out of the truck. Depending on what type of piano you have, we may also use other specialised moving tools to lift the piano such as belts, slings, door jamb protectors, and even forklifts to ensure your piano is moved safely and securely.

The wrap up

For peace of mind when you are looking at moving your piano, you will never go wrong by hiring professional piano removalists to do the job. Just make sure the team you’re hiring are professionals who are experienced in piano removals, and not just your local small removalist who’s keen to get your business no matter what! Ask for testimonials from happy clients and how they plan to look after your piano so it doesn’t get damaged. And of course, if you have any questions or just want some advice, feel free to get in touch.

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