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How to move a pool table

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One of the most enjoyable yet challenging games you can play indoors is pool. There is nothing more pleasant and relaxing for enjoyment with a group of friends than a game of pool, billiards or snooker. But what happens when it comes time for you to move and you want to take your prized possession, your pool table, with you.

Here are some considerations and a few tips to help you decide on which way to go with moving your own pool table and if you really need a professional pool table mover.

Why moving a pool table yourself can be a bad idea

Will we or won’t we or...

If cost is a consideration it is worthwhile to take into account the effort, manpower, time investment and logistics involved in moving your table, particularly if it is a slate base one. It might even be worthwhile to consider selling the table with the house for a reduced amount and purchasing a new one for the new residence. That is in fact how many of our clients end up getting one and often for a very reasonable price.

If this is not a viable option then moving it yourself or getting a professional pool table removalist might be your next decision.

If you get a pool table removalist then all your worries are over in that area, as you can give us a call or get an online quote. Job done :).

If however, you decide to move the table yourself here are some tips to make that move less of a hassle.

Why your pool table type might slow down your move

All ahead at flank speed?

Pool tables come in a number of styles of bases, slate, MDF or fibreglass. The latter two of course are much lighter and easier to handle. If you have a slate base one, disassembly is probably necessary, for which you will need at least 4-5 strong friends to assist you.

Another consideration will be the vehicle you are going to transport the table in. Your sedan won’t cut it, so consider light truck or ute rental if you don’t have access to one yourselves. Taking into account the cost of truck rental it might still be viable to get professional pool table movers to do the job. Also, access at either end of the move, whether you are moving up or down stairs, elevators, hallways, room sizes, door widths, parking availability, might be factors to weigh up.

Lastly but by no means leastly remember safety first. If the job is going to mean a strained back or worse for someone then professional pool table movers mean that you can enjoy your new home fully and not have to get physio!

So how to move a slate pool table

Most advocates suggest disassembly which involves removing the pockets, rails, felt, and legs for which you will need some basic tools.

Key tools needed to disassemble your pool table:

  • A staple remover, or needle nose pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Socket spanners
  • Rechargeable drill
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Heaps of packing material like blankets, bubble wrap, packing tape, tarps for weatherproofing if using a ute

The process

  1. Firstly remove the pockets and rails from around the table base with the appropriate tools. These will then need to be wrapped for travel ensuring you collect all screws or other fasteners together.
  2. Then remove the felt using a staple remover or appropriate tool, carefully folding and wrapping neatly for reassembly later.
  3. The next step is to remove the slate (if slate based) being very careful to wrap and identify the slabs as they should go back as they came out since they are matched. Ensure they are treated very carefully as they will chip since they are a relatively soft stone. The removal of the slabs is where you get to feel the weight of the slate. Some slabs can be upwards of 450kg, but most are 70kg to 120kg.
  4. At this point remove the leg assemblies and wrap.
  5. The moving process with something as fragile as a pool table necessitates travelling slowly and carefully especially over speed bumps, gutters, driveways or irregularities in the road surface.

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Reassembly of your pool table

At the other end, the reassembly is a reverse procedure with the one complication of having to level the table at each stage as this is crucial to ensure the table will be true and unbiased. This means levelling each leg individually and also each slate slab before reapplying the felt.

How to pack a pool table for moving

The wrapping process involves what’s called “puddling” the item which is removalists terms for securely wrapping in a packing blanket. Ensure the bolts, screws and other fasteners are kept together in a suitable container so that they can be accessed easily for reassembly. Also, ensure the slabs of slate are laid flat with much padding around them to avoid breakage or chipping. Don’t forget to securely wrap the cues and other accessories to avoid damage to them also.

How to move a pool table without disassembly

Depending on the distance involved, number of able hands, and degree of difficulty accessing the locations you might be able to move the table as a unit with legs only removed. Turn it on its side preferably, though this is not an easy way of lifting such a heavy object. For moving the table a short distance some furniture sliders or better still dollies can be the answer. Again remember your back and stout shoes would be advisable too. Also, clear your path of obstacles that might interfere with the efficient removal of your table. Remember to level the table carefully in the new location.

Finally the eight ball

If it all seems too much or you are worried about the safety aspects of the move then a professional pool table removalist is the way to go. Give us a Free call on 1800 681 434 or get a free quote online to determine whether it is more cost-efficient to get us to move your table compared to the complications of moving it yourself. We are here to help you with the mindset that your needs are paramount, so while we would love your business we provide honest advice on what is needed to move your pool table.

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Once you are in your new home enjoy your next game of pool with friends or rellies with a nice glass of cab sav or shiraz, or better still invite your new neighbours over to start getting acquainted. What a great way to start life in your new neighbourhood.