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A comprehensive guide to moving your business to a new location

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Have you found that your business has outgrown its current location and has all the appearance of suffocating due to lack of usable space or is outstanding business growth pushing you towards needing more room?

Congratulations firstly, because obviously, it is going extremely well. Maybe though it’s time to consider a relocation to maximise on current business optimism and possibly generate further business expansion. With some business, it could also be about setting up a hybrid multi-office location with staff also now working remotely.

How this business moving guide will help you

No matter your moving needs, you do want to ensure that a move will not adversely impact business momentum and productivity. So we’re going to have a comprehensive look at points you will need to be aware of before contemplating the mammoth task of relocating or expanding your business.

Key points covered:

  • What do we need in our new office location?
  • What should we consider in planning the move
  • Final essential business moving tips

What do we need in our new office location?

Good question because if you don’t have an idea of what your business needs for future expansion then you’ll have a problem identifying the ideal new property to meet those needs. Firstly:

  • Do an analysis of your projected future business needs and those of your employees also taking into account access for logistics, location of resources and local sources for future staff needs and future workspace needs
  • Brainstorm a plan for new equipment acquisition and investigate and assess leasing options for the same
  • Search out new locations involving department heads in addition to the moving officer
  • Investigate federal, state and local government regulations that may impact the relocation
  • Consider access to resources, future staff needs, access to transport corridors, customer access, passing foot traffic, advertising visibility and exposure
  • Assess possible environmental concerns or aspects
  • Research locations thoroughly in addition to previous tenants or history of the location

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What should we consider in planning a business move

  • Consider relocation costs and assess disruption to business flow
  • Create a moving budget with your accounts department and moving officer’s involvement and stick to it
  • Create an achievable timeline for implementation of relocation factoring in moving production facilities or other relevant departments in phases to reduce disruption to productivity and business flow if possible
  • Assess whether business figures reinforce the need to move or conversely the need to reorganise/expand at your current location
  • Don’t underestimate disruption to production and business flow
  • Do a rationalisation of unused equipment and furniture
  • Contact reputable office removalists to facilitate your move

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The plan could involve


  • Appointing a “moving officer” whose responsibility is to oversee all aspects of relocation and can be a single point of contact for moving stakeholders. They can use our office move checklist to keep things on track. 
  • The moving officer who would be vital to the creation of the moving plan in conjunction with departmental heads and the implementation of the plan
  • The plan should assess and eliminate or reduce potential problems that might arise
  • Keeping employees informed and in the loop so that they have a stake in and interest in the move and seeing it succeed
  • Have appropriate responsibilities delegated to trustworthy employees so that they have a part to play in the move
  • Create a floor plan of the new location with involvement of staff input around their workspace needs and creating an inspirational work atmosphere
  • Holding a celebration at the opening of the new location for customers and employees highlighting the future growth expectations and projects
  • Involve local politicians and other dignitaries along with media invitees and advertise widely

What other classic business decisions should be considered in your plan

  • Considering viability of staggering move by department to minimise business disruption
  • Ensure clear labelling of all equipment and furniture to assist placement in the new location
  • Create a plan for transport and placement of essential equipment with the involvement of professional office removalists
  • Are there short term storage needs that might be explored
  • Ensure all IT needs and cabling and power needs are installed and tested before the move
  • Ensure appropriate packing materials are available to all necessary departments

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Final essential business moving tips:

  • Advise the Registrar of Australian Business Register and the Australian Taxation Office of relocation within 28 days of your move
  • Inform other necessary government and affiliated bodies of relocation
  • Order and ensure delivery of new signage and advertising material, stationery with new location details
  • Advertise new location widely and especially with your current customer base
  • Consider new interior decor or furnishings for a new look or brand upgrade
  • Update website, customers and employees
  • Update employees contact information
  • Advise all necessary statutory bodies and postal/delivery services of relocation
  • Organise insurance coverage for the move and new location
  • Place new location address notices at the old location to redirect customers in addition to advertising your new location widely
  • If possible plan to move at a downtime or less busy part of the year

Your office move should be your next step in business growth

In conclusion, the plan to move once agreed upon, having assessed business needs and future needs can be a strong driving force in that next stage of your business growth. The stimulus that can be generated can far outweigh the temporary disruption to business flow as long as the plan is quickly and efficiently implemented. Having reputable and efficient Office Removalists to facilitate the move can be a major stress reliever for you as they ensure the actual move flows with seamless efficiency. Planning is the key along with ensuring adherence to staying within budgetary constraints. Additionally, ensuring adequate advertisement of the new location to maintain and expand your customer base is vital. Here’s hoping your business move is the next step in exponential growth in your business and its success.

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