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Over 50s living Brisbane guide & essential resources

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To a 20 - 30-year-old, being 50+ means you may as well be in a nursing home tucked away out of sight and out of mind. However, those of us who are there, know that a whole new world of opportunities opens up with newfound freedoms never before contemplated. Usually, because of the financial burden of helping the kids to get their lives going, we are often lacking those freedoms up to our fifties, but come to the release from those obligations we find new exciting adventures and opportunities looming over the horizon and quite often literally over the horizon. Your age is only a number, your mind can be the key to overcoming debilities.

You know what I mean, you still feel like a teenager inside and the only reminder you get is when that stiffness in getting out of bed in the morning slows you up. But rise up and change your mindset because there is a big beautiful world out there waiting to be explored by you. We are going to have a look at some of those opportunities with you in this article because there is much to be gained from widening our horizons and contemplating what might be, rather than being overcome by the thought of growing old.

Over 50s living Brisbane guide

Whether you have come from interstate or are already a local, there is much to be said for the relaxed and easygoing lifestyle of the community of Brisbane. We might start with the amazingly pleasant weather which is one of the most attractive aspects of Brisbane’s location. Even in the middle of our winter, it’s not hard to see why Brisbane attracts many of our southern cousins. Despite some cold mornings, our day temps are very warm and comfortable. The winter sun is just sublime and rarely do we see Queenslanders rugged up. Most of our wardrobes would only have a handful of winter type clothing. For a look at Brisbane’s weather profile visit BOM for the lowdown on our amazing climate.  

So what about the location

Just one hour travel in either a southerly or northerly direction brings you to some of the best beaches in the country, speaking specifically of the Gold Coast with 50 kilometers of amazing beaches or the Sunshine Coast with similar stretches of wonderful coastline. Brisbane, backed by some beautiful mountain ranges like Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo, Mount Cootha, the Taylor Range or further out the Toowoomba ranges, is conveniently located on the meandering Brisbane River which only enhances the beauty of this, our capital. At the last census in 2016 Brisbane’s population was 2.28 million which makes it one of the smaller capital cities in our country. Often described as just a big country town, Brisbane has a genuinely warm and welcoming community spirit.

Where can we live in 50+ community

There are a large number of over 50’s communities available in Brisbane, many with the type of resort style facilities that make retirement living a truly enjoyable experience. There is no one perfect location for everyone as many cater to your differing tastes. Your taste might be a rural outlook like the Samford valley, Beenleigh, Kenmore, or Woodford while others might prefer a seachange like Redland Bay or Redcliffe or Sandgate while others still might prefer urban living closer to the city like Hamilton or Spring Hill. 

Here are a few options aimed precisely at the differing tastes or styles of living:

What are the best suburbs in Brisbane

If you want the good oil on Brisbane’s suburbs there is a great guide specifically aimed at that subject that we put together - Brisbane Suburbs Guide... There is such an excitement involved in seeking out your new life in our beautiful capital city commonly called the river city but be sure to get a reputable Brisbane Interstate Removalists company that can look after all your needs. Good Brisbane Interstate Removalists will help you make the lifestyle change that you desire with a minimum of fuss.

So what do I need to make the shift

The most important element is an adventurous spirit. That is the sort of spirit that enables us to step out of our comfort zone and grab life with both hands getting ready for the ride of a lifetime. It might mean learning to ride a motorbike, maybe buying that bike that you always wanted but could never afford. It might be buying that boat or caravan or motorhome in which case you will need a purpose-built RV style community in which you can house your new toy. 

It might be learning a new discipline like Tai Chi or maybe doing yoga and working out at the local “Y”. Many of the over 50’s lifestyle villages have visiting instructors that hold classes for the residents usually at a reduced charge. This means that you are amongst your peers and the social aspect of the class is enhanced as a result. 

Just one of the many popular locations is Bayside Tingalpa but don’t be hampered but use your imagination as there are many similar examples that have outstanding facilities.

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The first steps

So what can you do to start the ball rolling? Create a plan. Your plan might involve setting a timeline around selling up at your current location and researching where and when you might relocate to Brisbane. Your plan might involve setting a budget or discussing your financial situation with a financial advisor. It might mean involving the family but making sure you retain the ultimate decision-making process for yourself and your own needs and happiness. It’s a good idea to set a specific date for your transition so that you have a specific target to aim for. If you aim at nothing, that’s what you will hit.

Next steps

As a result of setting a goal, you might need to arrange for the logistical part of the transition which can be made seamless by engaging Brisbane interstate removalists. You will know you have made the right decision when you see the largest or heaviest piece of your furniture or belongings walking out of your old residence without you lifting a finger. A great resource that helps you prepare for your move is our Moving House Checklist guide.  

The best part

The best part comes when you move into your new location and start to engage in all those new activities or adventures that you have always wanted to do. You might find, as I did, that you have an opportunity to get much more fit but also end up being so busy that you wonder how you can manage to make it all happen each day. What a great lifestyle to contemplate while you sip a nice cold beer or glass of Chardonnay.

Essential Resources

If you are after some great resources to help you along try

For the more practical aspects of moving see our house moving tips 


In conclusion, your 50’s are a pivotal time in your life as you come to the point where you find yourself free of the obligations of parenting and in the position to contemplate your life and what you want from it in your retirement years. It may be a time of serious reflection on what you want from life and how you might achieve that. This might include a move to a more equitable climate with all the new adventures that may arise from that change. You might find that a new world of opportunities opens up to you and only awaits your grasp. From the viewpoint of a more relaxed lifestyle, you couldn’t go past a Brisbane based change of location. Also, don’t forget to check out our excellent guide to Brisbane’s suburbs. No matter what you decide it’s good to know that opportunity knocks and it’s only for you to open the door. Good luck!