Did you really get free moving home insurance cover?

Moving Tips  |  Moving interstate

Most people are surprised to find out their contents aren't necessarily insured for damage during transit by the removalist, or covered in their home and contents insurance.


Should you pay for furniture removalist services upfront?

Moving Tips

So you're moving, you've got a date in mind for the move and you're looking around for a suitable furniture removalist.

If you get a couple of quotes (and we recommend you do), you'll notice some differences in how removalist's quote, what they charge, how they charge and what they include.


Should you move interstate? Key stats & resources to help you decide

Moving Tips  |  Moving interstate

In our experience, a move interstate is usually the result of a big life change - either for personal or work reasons. Or in the case of business - usually as a result of expansion. Either way, getting to a point where you've reached the big decision - to move or not to move - there's a lot of pros and cons to consider. As interstate removalists we've talked to hundreds if not thousands of clients over the years, so we've got a few insights that may be helpful to you in your decision making.