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Moving to the Gold Coast during COVID? Everything you need to know.

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COVID-19 has impacted us all in many ways. For a lot of Australians, it has affected job safety and stability, and for others, it has highlighted the importance of being close to family and friends. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that your move will be made easier thanks to furniture removalists who are still working through the pandemic to make sure your belongings are removed and delivered safely to your new home.

Your Gold Coast moving guide: 

  1. About the Gold Coast
  2. Is the Gold Coast a good place to live?
  3. Which suburbs are the best to live on the Gold Coast?
  4. Who can help me with my move
  5. How can I move during COVID
  6. Moving guide wrap-up

About the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, located a short 45-minute drive south of Brisbane’s CBD is home to some of Queensland’s most spectacular coastlines stretching from Logan down to Tweed Heads, just south of the Queensland/New South Wales border crossing. Home to roughly 620,000 Queenslanders (and growing) the Gold Coast has much to offer, from endless beaches, shopping outlets, a vibrant nightlife from bars, restaurants and a casino and Australia’s top theme parks to feed your thrill-seeking desires or if you’re looking for a fun adventure with the kids.

Is the Gold Coast a good place to live?

Beyond a culture that invites a diverse set of interests with things to do, when you look at the livability of the Gold Coast, it stacks up pretty perfectly. The climate is undeniably fitting for a location that is surrounded by beaches, offering year-round temperate weather so you can enjoy ocean dips throughout all seasons. It is a perfect holiday destination, attracting over 13 million visitors a year which helps boost a vibrant economy with plenty of career opportunities for residents. Moving is a big life change and one that you don’t want to do too many times if you can help it. So, if you’re making a move with the whole family and want a location that the kids can grow up in, you’ll be pleased to know the Gold Coast has over 100 private and public schools to choose from and three world-leading, State of The Art Universities.

Which suburbs are the best to live on the Gold Coast?

If you haven’t yet picked which suburb is right for you, you might feel a little overwhelmed when you learn that the Gold Coast is made up of 81 suburbs. The good news is, this gives you plenty of options when it comes to specific locations. We put together a short summary below but read our blog on the best suburbs in the Gold Coast to move your family to, for a more in-depth overview. 

 If you’re looking to call the beach your backyard, you might choose a suburb like Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach. However, if you’re looking to escape the tourist hot spots, areas like Robina might be the perfect option for you. Robina offers one of The Gold Coast’s largest shopping complexes and has plenty of schools, restaurants and café’s in the area, not to mention the beautiful scenery of lakes that form the area.

It really depends on what you are looking for in your move to the Gold Coast. Searching price guides online and talking to real estate agents can be a great place to start to get a sense of each area and what might suit your interests and budget requirements.

Keep in mind the one-off costs such as transport and hiring a furniture removalist when creating your moving budget 


Who can help me with my move

We understand that moving your whole life can feel daunting. Usually, there are lots of documents, signing, packing and decluttering that occurs when you’re preparing for the big move, but transporting your much-loved belongings is a stress that you won’t have to worry about, that is what we are here for. Our team of furniture removalists can help you from packing your boxes to transporting your belongings anywhere across Australia, and we can get it done safe and fast. Chat to us about your planned move and how we can help!

How can I move during COVID

You might be wondering what is different about moving during COVID-19? You can still move houses during this time, whether that be within the state you are already living or even if you are considering an interstate move. Depending on where you are moving from might require you to follow different protocols, we suggest referring to your current State Government’s Health website or checking out the most current advice from Queensland Health. When working with contractors, agents, and any furniture removalist or building inspectors etc. it is still a requirement that you practice social distancing as best you can during these instances.

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Moving guide wrap-up:

If you’re thinking of choosing the Gold Coast as your new home, we covered the essential things you should consider before making a move to the sunshine state. Also, don’t forget to read our Gold Coast Suburb Guide>>

If you’re planning a move and considering the Gold Coast, we encourage you to do your research to help ensure you are best set up for a speedy and easy move to this beautiful corner of the world. Be sure to get quotes for all once-off costs associated with your move, including a furniture removalist to help ease the burden of putting your life into boxes and moving it to your new space. We wish you every success with your move and hope you land your dream home.

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